December 18, 2016

Peyton Royce And Bayley Exchange Tweets, Former World Kickboxing Champion to Join WWE

- Blackzilian team member and former World Kickboxing champion Katya "Dominator" Kavaleva is set to join the WWE performance center in 2017 for tryout.

The 6'5 ft heavyweight kick boxer will have her tryout in February. In an interview with WMMA rankings, she noted that she is excited about the opportunity.
"I am so so excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity to try out for the most amazing entertainment company. I want to show people my true inner person. Yes I am big and strong and sometimes can be a little crazy. I guess I am like a real life Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde I can be sweet soft and real woman like but in an instant can snap and power-bomb someone through the ring! I am mostly today just feeling honored to even have this chance to be in the same ring as legends". She said.

- Peyton Royce and Bayley had an interesting exchange on Twitter yesterday. Royce tweeted out that she wants to wrestle, to which Bayley replied with a Dwayne Johnson GIF as you can see below.


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