December 30, 2016

The Very Latest on Paige's WWE Status, Nikki Bella Responds To Fans (Video)

- Below is a new video with Nikki Bella responding to fan questions from social media. Nikki tells promises one fan she will do a Carmella "roast" video soon and thanks another fan for appreciating her feet.

- There was speculation earlier this month that Paige could have been in trouble again and possibly failed another Wellness Violation after she posted a cryptic tweet back on December 7th. The tweet read, “When you do nothing wrong but things still bite you in ass for no reason. Always fun haha.”

F4WOnline reports that Paige is still under contract with WWE and has not been fired. So that would rule out to possibly of another Wellness Policy Violation. It’s still unknown exactly what Paige was tweeting about and we may never know.

Regarding Paige’s return to the promotion, it was speculated prior to her suspension ending that she would be returning on the road with the main roster to make media appearances and film upcoming seasons of Total Divas. It’s being said that that most-likely won’t be happening. The internal belief is that the company probably won’t be bring Paige back until she is able to be cleared to compete.


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