December 22, 2016

Total Divas Recap (12/21): Lana And Rusev Prep For Wedding, Natty Has Family Issues, Bellas IQ Test

Here is the synopsis for this week's show:

Brie challenges Nikki to an IQ test; Trinity battles her nerves on set; Nattie pushes her sister too hard; Lana and Rusev fight over engagement photos.

- The show kicks off on the set of Marine 5 in Vancouver. Trinity(Naomi) is on the set with Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel and Heath Slater. They are all dressed in biker attire for an upcoming scene. They are a part of some sort of gang and have a ton of weaponry with them. Trinity starts clowning around on set.

- Trinity is now in her trailer with Slater, Axel and Dallas. She talks about how scared she is of not doing a good job. Slater and Axel try to get her to focus on how much fun the experience can be. Heath starts trying to cheer up Trinity by joking around. He takes her cell phone. Trinity says that Jon just sent her some nudes. Heath asks for the pass code to check them out.

- The theme of the show plays. It is followed by this quote on screen by Brie Bella.

"It is now added to the list of things that she will forever brag about"

- We are now in San Diego. Brie and Daniel Bryan have rented out a home there for a week. Brie wants to spend the week visiting her family. Rather than stay with Nikki, Brie says that her and Bryan need their own place, because they are still trying to make babies..... Both Nikki and Brie have their dogs with them. Nikki's dog Winston and Brie's dog Josey. They get into a conversation of how Nikki's dog Winston is lovable but not very bright. Nikki takes exception to this assertion by Bryan. So they decide to have an IQ contest between the dogs. Bryan finds a test online. It entails throwing a towel on a dog, and seeing how long it takes for the dog to free itself. Bryan has his stop watch ready for the test. Brie and Bryan's dog escapes from the towel in under 3 seconds. Nikki's dog Winston takes about 12 seconds. Nikki gets upset and says that her sister didn't really put the towel on her dog correctly. How it was barely on. Brie talks about how competitive Nikki has been her whole life since they were kids.

- Meanwhile, Lana and Rusev are in Baltimore. They are going line dancing at a line bar. They meet up with Renee Young. Lana and Renee dance for a bit. Lana then teaches Rusev how to line dance. She talks about how much Rusev loves country music. Mentions the possibility of having a Nashville themed wedding. Rusev jokingly says that he would wear the daisy dukes, while Lana wears the overalls.

- The next part of the show takes place at Raw in Baltimore. Natalya talks about how happy she is with her current role in the WWE. How she is being featured more. Clips of her match with Summer Rae are shown. This is prior to the brand split in July. Natty talks about her legacy, her family, and how it is time for her to take the ball and run with it.

- Back to the Marine 5 movie set in Vancouver. Mike/The Miz is with his wife Maryse in his trailer. Miz talks about how happy he has been with the filming so far. Miz says that he has a big fight scene with "Murphy" today. Which is the character Trinity is playing. Maryse then goes and visits Trinity in her trailer. Trinity is rehearsing her lines. She has post-its attached to the wall of her trailer. That give her reminders of what to do. Maryse laughs at Trinity's set up. Admits that she can relate with being nervous, because she felt the same way on her first movie role. Trinity is stressed out about having to ride a motorcycle in the film soon. She is freaking out with the whole process. Maryse offers to hang out with her when she has a day off from filming. Trinity is not sure she wants to.

- Back in San Diego, Brie, Bryan and Nikki get together for lunch. They are still talking about the IQ tests that they did with their dogs. Bryan asks The Bellas which one of the two sisters is smarter. Brie says that she is. Bryan thinks that his wife and sister in-law don't have the guts to take an IQ test. Nikki and Brie accept the challenge. Brie says that she is definitely smarter than Nikki, even though they weren't "trained in education". Nikki mocks Brie for using that phrase.

- Natty and Lana are now arriving to Raw together. When Natty excuses herself to take a call from her mother Ellie. Her mom tells her that Natalya's sister Jenni is having a panic attack. She read some text messages between Natty and her mom. That were specifically about Jenni and her recent struggles. Natalya talks about how her sister has had issues dealing with anxiety her whole life. After Jenni read the messages, She ran away from their home. Natty starts breaking down and crying backstage. Cesaro comes over and consoles her.

- Natalya is now on the road headed to her home in Tampa. She meets up with her sister. Jenni is currently out of work and looking to start a new career. Natty mentions how Jenni has always had a passion for cooking. Natty thinks that Jenny and her could potentially end up doing something together in that field. Natty suggests a cooking class in her own home. Jenni doesn't seem to be too keen on it. Thinks that wrestling fans will show up just to see Natty and not actually be there for the cooking. Natty suggests charging 350 to 400 dollars a head for the class.

- We are now at Smackdown in Providence, Rhode Island. Lana, Natalya and Renee are backstage together. Lana talks about her wedding ideas. Likes the Nashville theme. Even though one of their two weddings is set on a beach. Lana wants to send out Nashville themed photo invitations. Renee thinks it's silly and too much of a mishmash.

- Natalya is back home in Tampa with her mom and sister. She has convinced her sister Jenni to have a cooking class at her home. Natty has made out fliers for the class. Natty and her home Ellie are going to go around Tampa distributing them. They talk about Jenni and her state of depression lately. They also talk about Jenni moving from Canada to Tampa, and going through some bad relationships. Natty's mom is heartbroken over the mental state that her daughter Jenni is currently in.

- Back in San Diego. The Bellas are with Bryan on the road. Bryan starts prepping Nikki and Brie for their upcoming IQ test competition. Bryan has found a psychologist who does IQ tests in San Diego. Bryan asks Nikki if she has 12 pens and takes away 3. How many are left?... Nikki struggles understanding the question before coming up with the answer. Bryan then does a family relation question and both Nikki and Brie struggle answering it.

- The Bellas end up meeting with Dr. Donica Dohrenwend, to take their IQ tests. Nicole takes the test first while Brie and Bryan are in the waiting room. Brie says that she is nervous and really wants to beat Nicole at this. She talks about how Nikki has beaten her at so many things over the years. That she wants to get bragging rights over her. Bryan suggests that Brie should start meditating, so that she is better prepared to take the test.

- We are now at a WWE Live Event in New Orleans. Renee shoots an interview segment for her show 'Unfiltered' on the WWE Network. Her guest is Paige.......
Nattie bumps into Titus O'Neill backstage. Invites him to her cooking class. Titus said that he has plans with his kids. Natty says that she needs people to show up to support her sister. To help build up her confidence. Natty tells Titus that he only lives 15 minutes away from her house. Titus actually asks for a hundred dollars. Hard to tell if he was being serious or not..... Natty agrees to pay him the sum to show up. She whips out the money and pays off Titus. Dolph Ziggler happens to be walking by. Titus flashes the money to him. Asks him if he is interested in making some easy money. Dolph asks if it is sexual. When he finds out that it isn't. He declines the invitation and offer.

- Back to the psychologist's office in San Diego. Brie is still taking her IQ test. Bryan asks Nikki how she feels her test went. Nikki talks about how hard it was. How she had difficulty with the questions, and how the doctor interacted with her. Brie finishes up her test. Off screen, She talks about how she struggled with a question about Ghandi. Wasn't sure what to label him. When The Bellas and Bryan are leaving the office. They get in the elevator and Nikki asks Brie who the president was during the civil war. Brie answers Teddy Roosevelt. Nikki is surprised that Brie didn't have the correct answer of Abraham Lincoln. Brie credits John Cena with Nikki knowing that.

- We are now in Vancouver. Trinity has agreed to hang out with Maryse during their day off from filming. Even though, She doesn't want to. Trinity doesn't trust Maryse's intentions and would rather be memorizing her lines for Marine 5. Maryse takes Trinity to a trapeze class. Figuring that it will help relieve her of the stress she is feeling. Trinity ends up having a good time during the class. Overcomes her fear of heights. On the way back from the class, Maryse has motion sickness and nearly pukes. She starts laughing when Trinity goes into panic mode.

- Natty is at home in Tampa with her sister Jenni and mom Ellie. They are preparing for their cooking class. Titus O'Neill shows up with his son. Fandango and Big E arrive as well for the class. Along with a few other locals from the area. Jenni is most happy to see Big E. They hug each other. Jenni thanks everyone for coming. Natty decides to separate the class in groups. In a pretty funny moment, Titus calls out Natalya for putting all the black people together. His group is Big E, his kids and himself. Natty says that her grouping wasn't about race. Big E laughs when Titus says that she made it about race by pairing them up.

Natty calls the cooking class a success, as Jenni instructs everyone. One of the female guests actually flirts with Fandango.

- We are now in Nashville, Tennessee. Lana and Rusev have a country style photoshoot. With Lana in daisy dukes and Rusev in overalls. Rusev gets Lana to do a Shawn Michaels pose. Rusev does the crotch chop behind her during the shoot.

- Back to the cooking class with Natty and Jenni. It is revealed that Natty paid off the guests to come to the cooking class. Her contractor and a few of the other people who showed up. Jenni finds out and gets upset. She ends the class and sends everyone home. Jenni and Natty argue. Jenni feels embarrassed by the whole ordeal.

- We are now at Lana and Rusev's home. Rusev has a present for Lana. A large framed portrait of one of the photos they took at the country themed shoot.

- Back to San Diego with The Bellas and Bryan. Bryan has brought Nikki and Brie food. As well as the results of their IQ scores. Nikki and Brie have decided to destroy the results and not read them, because the person with the lower score would be demoralized forever. Bryan also mentions the possibility that they could have scored at a below average IQ level. The below average theory by Bryan compels Brie to read her score. Rather than destroy it. She attempts to read the IQ results, while Nikki and Bryan are distracted doing something else. Brie gets caught in the act by Nikki. Nikki rats out Brie to Bryan. Tells him that she was opening up the envelopes that they threw in the garbage, to read the results. The Bellas argue for a bit and then agree to have the results read. Just to get it over with. Brie scored 99 on her test. When she reveals that. Nikki reveals that she scored 113. She screams the score with such delight. Nikki says that Bryan has a "low average wifey". That she is the smartest Bella by a large margin. Nikki continues to rub it in. Tells Brie that she is the younger twin and that she lost more oxygen when they were born. Brie complains that this is yet another time, she has lost to Nikki. Nicole wants to keep the score and show it to John Cena.

- Back to Tampa. Jenni and Natty have a heart to heart discussion by the pool. Jenni starts to break down and cry. How she feels like a nobody and a misfit. How people had to be paid to come to her cooking class. How she is nothing without her sister. Jenni asks that the cameras stop filming. As the crew leaves, Natty can be heard saying that her sister is drunk and drank a whole bottle of wine.

- Back to The Marine 5 set. Maryse is also a part of the film. She is playing a character that has injuries to her legs. Makeup is applied to create the effect of that.

- Back in Tampa. We are at Nattie's parents house. Natty calls Jenni to talk on the phone. Jenni apologizes for her meltdown. How Jenni feels like she is letting her sister down. Natty tells Jenni, How much she loves her and how they should move on together in a more positive direction. The two sisters make up. Jenni tells Natty that Big E has been texting her. Telling her that he couldn't keep his eyes off of her curves. Natalya gets a good laugh out of this. Natty has a talk with her parents Jim and Ellie Neidhart about her sister. How she needs to handle Jenni better, and stop being so forceful.

- Back to The Marine 5 set. Trinity gets over her fears and rides a motorcycle. Maryse is excited to see Trinity happy. She high fives her. Trinity heads to the set to shoot an action scene. The scene is shown of Trinity in action at a bar. The show comes to an end here.

A preview for next week's episode is shown. The show returns in two weeks on January 4th. The video features The Bellas starting their own wine business, Paige has a neck injury and tries to hide it. She gets upset when her fellow Divas reveal her injury to management. Paige snaps at Eva Marie for ratting her out. Calls her a POS.


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