December 8, 2016

Total Divas Recap S06E4: "Gone Girl"

Here is the synopsis for this week's show;

Renee must intervene after Paige misses work; Nikki asks Bryan to help with her comeback.

- This week's show opens with Dean Ambrose and Renee Young meeting with a paddle yoga instructor on the beach. Renee says that she and Dean have done yoga and paddle boarding, but they have never combined the two. After the instructor starts to prep Renee and Dean. Renee says that Dean is very hungover and wonders if that will effect him in this lesson. The instructor jokes that Dean can do some twists and puke in the water. Renee and Dean both get into their swimwear. Renee apologizes to Dean that her bathing suit is riding up and has turned into a thong. She also says you're welcome at the same time.

- Both Dean and Renee struggle to do yoga poses while paddling. While Renee is in a downward dog type pose. She says that she has never been more grateful for laser hair removal. Renee at one point falls into the water and Dean says that she is breaking his chi.

- The Total Divas theme plays and this quote by Paige appears on the screen after it.

"These girls, Don't Know My Situation. And You Know What? They Don't Deserve To Know My Situation."

- The setting is Thursday Night Smackdown in Biloxi, MS. From earlier this year, Paige and Renee are arriving at the arena. Paige is fooling around backstage, leaping into containers... Meanwhile, Maryse is taking a photo of Eva Marie.... Clips of Natalya's match with Charlotte are shown. Natty talks about how TV time is gold in the WWE. How there are times when you are not featured at all. Currently, Natty is the focal point in a feud with Charlotte for the Womens title... Paige is now shown backstage. She is talking about how she has not been featured on tv for the last 6 months. How bored she is with nothing to do at the shows. Paige is having confidence issues. She has become used to always being featured, now she feels that she may not be good enough anymore. Paige admits that she is having a lot of negative thoughts right now.

- We are now in Aberdeen, Washington. At Brie & Bryan's house. Bryan is working on his garden. Brie tells Bryan that Nikki is coming over to spend the weekend with them. Bryan is surprised that she even wants to spend time at their home. Brie off camera, calls Bryan and Nikki's relationship complicated. How they bicker with each other at times. Clips are then shown of previous episodes where Bryan and Nikki have teased each other. A Clip is also shown from Total Bellas, where Bryan and Nikki got into a heated argument over lifestyle choices.... Brie asks Bryan to get along with Nikki. Bryan says that he will. As long as she doesn't criticize their home. He also asks Brie to make sure that Nikki doesn't ruin his "sanctuary".

- The next scene is at Monday Night Raw in Nebraska. Eva is backstage with Natalya. She asks Natty if the women have gotten their schedules yet. Eva wants to know because she hasn't been booked in a long time. All the women are booked on live events and Eva isn't. She is very disappointed. Natty says that she is booked solid for the next two months. Eva says "not this cowboy" as she points to herself.... Eva decides to go to management to asks about why she isn't booked. She approaches VP of Talent Relations Mark Cerrano. Eva asks him, why she isn't booked. Cerrano laughs and says because you are a very special person. He isn't being straight with her. Mark tells Eva that she has talent, but that they don't have a direction for her right now. Eva is disappointed. She says to Mark, why can't you just bless me and give me good news. Mark says because he doesn't want to lie to her.

- We are now in Phoenix, Arizona. Nikki Bella is meeting with her mother at a restaurant. As she sits down, She complains about her boobs popping out of her dress... She then talks to her mom about her in ring comeback. Nikki feels bad about not being able to wrestle. She really feels that she was on the top of her game, before she had her neck injury. Nikki tells her Mom Kathy, that she wants to ask Daniel Bryan for help in her comeback. Nikki puts over Bryan as a wrestling genius in the ring.

- We are now at a sports bar in Florida. Natalya is throwing a going away party for Trinity (Naomi). Trinity is off to Canada to go film The Marine 5 with The Miz. Natalya is with Summer Rae. Trinity arrives with her husband Jon (Jimmy Uso). Also at the dinner table is WWE ring announcer and former diva cast member, JoJo. Not long after Trinity shows up, Paige arrives with her new boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio.

- Natalya off screen, says that she is shocked that Paige and Alberto are together as a couple. She calls Alberto a handsome bad boy with a mystique about him. Alberto gets up and leaves the table momentarily. The women ask Paige about her new relationship with Del Rio. Paige says that she is smitten with him. Says that she saw him at one of the shows, complimented him on his hair cut and the way he looked. They started talking up each other and Paige says she fell for him. She says that, she really likes him and thinks that he is the one.

- The women are all stunned. Paige says that she is in love for the first time. Alberto returns and he and Paige kiss. Paige wishes Alberto a happy birthday..... The show goes to break. When it returns.... Eva Marie is at Maryse & The Miz's home. They are in bikinis. They pop a bottle of champagne and get in the Jacuzzi. Maryse shows Eva the camera Miz has outside his bedroom, and jokes that "Mike" is probably watching us right now.... Maryse and Eva start talking about their careers. Maryse talks about how Mike and Trinity are headed to Vancouver to shoot a movie. Eva talks about how disappointed she is that she isn't being used by the WWE in any capacity. Eva asks Maryse for career advice. Maryse encourages Maryse to "grow some balls". Go to TV even if she isn't being booked. That Eva needs to be seen all the time. They toast to Eva making a move for her career.

- Brie and Nikki Bella are on the road in Aberdeen. Brie tells Nikki to get along with Bryan when she gets to the house. Brie then advises Nikki to not bring up wrestling at all with him. Nikki says "what else am I going to talk to him about"... Nikki says that she wants to buy Daniel an olive branch. It would be a symbol of her renewing their relationship as friends, by literally extending the olive branch. The Bellas attempt to buy an olive branch but end up settling for a small tree. They break off a branch, when packing it into their car. Brie teases Nikki, and calls it symbolic because Nikki and Bryan's relationship is broken.

- We are now in Oklahoma City. Renee Young, Maryse, Natalya and Lana are getting together for lunch. Renee compliments Lana on her breasts..... How they are busting out of her top..... Paige is supposed to be at this lunch, and the women start talking about her behavior of late. Lana reveals that Paige recently missed a live event. That she didn't get on her flight and texted later to tell the office, that she needed some personal time. Renee finds out about this and Paige's relationship with Alberto Del Rio at this lunch. Renee is worried about her and thinks that she needs a friend to help her.

- Back in Aberdeen. The Bellas have arrived to Bryan's home. They present him with their apple tree. Bryan thanks Nikki for the thoughtful gesture. When they get in the house, Nikki mentions that there are winery's nearby and that they should all go to one together. Bryan shots down this idea. Says that the sisters get to drink, while he just drives them around. Says that it won't be fun for him, only them. Nikki also suggests that Bryan plant his new tree. Daniel says that Nikki hasn't been in his house for 15 minutes, and she is already trying to run things.

- Renee, Maryse, Lana and Natalya have now arrived at the Chesapeake Arena for Smackdown in Oklahoma. Renee bumps into Lillian Garcia backstage. Lilian says that she wants to talk to Renee about Paige. Lillian says that Paige missed live events and hasn't been returning anyone's messages or texts. Lillian also tells Renee that Paige has left her home in Orlando and has moved into Del Rio's home in San Antonio. Renee calls the entire situation crazy. She thought that her and Paige were close friends. She is shocked that Paige is making all these rash decisions.... Paige is now shown at catering. Renee spots her and walks over to her. Renee asks Paige, what has been going on with her. Paige briefly talks about her food. How hungry she is. She is eventually asked about her recent whereabouts. Paige says that she didn't want to work on sunday. So she didn't show up. Brings up flying from Orlando to San Antonio and now here. Renee tells Paige that she wants to talk to her in private, when they have more time. Paige goes and grabs more food and jokes that she is a mess right now.

- Back in Aberdeen, The Bellas arrive at a local winery. Nikki takes a moment during their visit, to approach Bryan about helping with her in ring comeback. Brie overhears Nikki as she just starts asking Bryan. She interrupts and asks Nikki to help her with something. Brie takes a walk with Nikki. Tells her that she specifically asked her to not bring up wrestling with Bryan. Brie says that Bryan was forced to retire and it caused a deep depression for him. Nikki feels that Brie is being over protective. Brie gets upset. She says as an example of what Nikki is doing, Brie will incorporate the rack attack when she comes back to wrestling, because her neck is fine and Nikki's isn't. Brie walks away from Nikki after making that statement.

- We are now at Smackdown in Wichita Kansas. Eva Marie arrives to the arena. She parks her car and Lana is surprised to see her. Tells Eva that she didn't know, she was scheduled to be on the show tonight. Eva is taking Maryse's advice and going to confront management. When she gets backstage, Maryse sees her and says "What are you doing here".... Eva says that she took Maryse's advice. To go big or go home. Eva Marie calls over WWE producer Brian James. Better known as The Road Dogg. James says that he is wondering what Eva is doing at TV. Eva says that she flew herself out to the show on her own money. James says that it's a good thing and a bad thing. That it can be seen as her going into business for herself. Eva presents Brian James with a pitch that she has for her new entrance. She hands over her plans to "Road Dogg". James says that he will run it up the flag pole and see what happens. He ends up apologizing to Eva for being rude to her initially.

- Renee Young and Paige are now together in Kansas. Renee has decided to take Paige to a quiet setting outdoors where they can talk. Paige asks if it is a date. Renee jokes that Paige better put out..... Renee asks Paige about her recent actions. Paige says that she had a rough few days and needed some time off. Renee tells Paige that she is worried for her, because she has been withdrawn and not talking to anyone. Paige admits that she had a mental breakdown. That she just cracked. That she has never been that way before. Paige says that she thought of packing up things and going back to her family in England. Paige says that she has reached this point because of the way, her career has gone. That she isn't doing anything right now. Paige says that she has been active wrestling since she was 13 and doesn't know how to react to not being active. Renee brings up her new relationship with Alberto Del Rio. Talks about how everyone is stunned by it. Renee tells Paige that all the women in the company are concerned about her. Paige doesn't like that she is being judged by everyone. Just because of what she calls one mistake. Paige gets agitated, says her conversation with Renee is all about people and their gossip. Renee tries to sell Paige that everyone cares for her. Paige says that she is going to end up walking away from "this company", and that she will end up having potentially only 1 friend remaining. Paige says that the only person who attempted to contact her was Renee. That all the other women are only interested in Paige's personal life and gossiping about it. Paige gets upset. Drops quite a few expletives. Talks about how nobody gives a crap about her and storms off. Instructs Renee to bring her belongings to the arena for her later.

- Paige off screen, talks about how the wrestling business makes her feel real lonely. How people don't really care about you as a person. How everyone is all up in her business, and how they don't deserve to know about her personal business.... Later on Renee Young is in fact, carrying Paige's luggage into the arena for Smackdown. Renee off screen is really hurt with the way, Paige treated her earlier. She starts to cry... Lana is with Renee, as they are walking through the parking lot to get inside the arena. They talk about Renee's feelings about the whole situation.

- Backstage, Eva Marie is approached by WWE Associate Producer Steve Conoscenti. He tells Eva that they love her idea for a new entrance. He asks her if she has her wrestling gear with her. She says yes. Steve tells her that she has a match tonight. Eva is so excited and happy. She runs over and tells Dana Brooke, who is getting her makeup done. Dana thinks that Eva is kidding. Eva of screen is so happy that she took a gamble and made a move for herself.

- Back in Aberdeen. The Bellas and Bryan are hiking. Daniel makes fun of himself wearing a fanny pack. Nikki asks Bryan to take a photo of her. Bryan gets annoyed with Nikki taking selfies during their hike. Nikki gets a rash on her cheek. Bryan calls it a selfie rash.

- Renee is with Lana getting her makeup done backstage at Smackdown. Renee is still venting about Paige and her nasty attitude. Mark Cerrano walks in and asks where Paige is. Says that he has to discuss life issues with her. Says that he needs to have a serious business discussion with her. Renee is upset because it's call time at the show, and Paige has still not arrived.

- Back to The Bellas and Bryan. They have finished their hike and head into a restaurant to eat. They engage in some awkward small talk. Nikki is itching to talk to Bryan about her in-ring comeback. Even though Brie has advised her against it. All of a sudden, Bryan brings up Nikki's comeback at the table. He asks her about it. Nikki says that she is not allowed to talk about wrestling with him. Reveals that Brie instructed her not to. Bryan asks Why?... Nikki spills the beans. Says that Brie is afraid that Bryan will get sad if she brings up wrestling. Nikki gets up and leaves the table. Apologizes to Bryan that she can't talk to him about it. Brie and Bryan talk about the issue when Nikki leaves. Brie says that Bryan didn't show up to WrestleMania in Dallas because he didn't want to be near wrestling. Bryan says that this shouldn't be an issue. Bryan says that he is legitimately interested in how Nikki's comeback is going. Bryan tells Brie that he is going to go outside and talk with her. Bryan and Nikki end up having a heart to heart discussion about the issue. Bryan says that he is not upset. Understand where Brie is coming from. States that he and Nicole both love wrestling, and that they should talk about it and Nikki's comeback. They end up hugging and taking pictures with a sasquatch chair.

- Back at Smackdown in Wichita. Eva Marie makes her new entrance. She receives the "Allow yourself to be seduced" introduction. This is pre brand split without the great ring announcer voice guy. So this is the pre-cursor to that. Eva lows how her new entrance is so obnoxious and over the top. It gets good heat from the crowd. At this particular show. She is facing Natalya. Natty defeats her with the sharpshooter. Eva is really happy with the way the performance went and loves her new entrance.

- Paige has finally arrived but she is late. Sami Zayn, John Laurinaitis and other office workers see her arriving. One of them shouts out at Paige "You show up when you want to huh".... Paige off camera says that she needs her personal time... She heads into an office to speak with WWE VP of Talent Relations, Mark Cerrano. The audio of Paige's conversation with Cerrano is heard but the cameras don't go into the room. Mark Cerrano tells Paige that he can't believe that she showed up late. How he gave her time off to deal with personal issues, and yet she still does this. Mark says that Paige is paid to be here. Paige responds with but "I'm not even on the show. I'm literally, like useless. So I don't know why everyone is worried about me".

- Mark tells Paige that they are worried about Paige as a person. That if she works well and does things properly. That by the time, she is 31 years old. She should be able to retire. Mark says that you can't show up to work at 6'o clock. Paige starts to cry. Says that no one in the WWE really gives a s*** about her. Cerrano calls that BS. Paige says that's how she feels. Mark says "look at me, whatever you need, I will do it for you.". Mark says that he is the only one standing up for her. That he understands that it wasn't easy for Paige coming all the way from England to live in the states and be in the WWE. He gives her credit for that. Mark says that he loves Paige and that he is trying to protect her. Mark says that he has admired Paige since the day, she joined the WWE. That she is a special person and talent, and that a lot of people love her. Mark says that it's over and that they are going to move forward. He wants Paige to be honest if she needs anything.... When Paige leaves the room. She instructs the camera man to turn off his camera.

- Back in Aberdeen. Bryan is with The Bellas and he starts training Nikki. Shows her how to incorporate a forearm into her matches. By grabbing an opponent's arm from behind, spinning them around and then hitting them. Nikki tries it out on Brie. Nikki loves it. Brie sees how happy Bryan is and comments how wrestling connects all of them. Bryan shows Nikki a variation of the "Rack Attack" that Nikki can use. Demonstrates it on Brie. Nikki is so happy and excited about her comeback. She tries out some of the moves she has been taught on Bryan.

- Backstage at Smackdown. Renee sees Paige down the hallway. Tells Lana that she doesn't want to talk to her. Renee ends up deciding to go speak with Paige after all. Renee tells Paige, that she hates fighting with her. That she wants to be a good friend for her. Paige says that she understands that, and that if something was really wrong with her. That she would tell Renee. Paige says that she has never been in an argument with a friend. Paige ends up admitting that Renee was right and calls her a true friend. They end up hugging and forgiving each other.

- A preview video for next week's episode airs. It shows Lana having issues with Rusev's mom. Renee and Dean end up arguing at their home. Plus, The Miz and Maryse have an intruder attempt to break into their home.

The full video of this week's show is available at this link.


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