December 15, 2016

Total Divas Recap S06E4: Lana And Rusev Bicker, Maryse And Miz Have Home Invaded, Renee And Dean Ambrose

Here is the synopsis for tonight's show:
Season 6 Episode 5 "Mother of the Groom"

Maryse and Mike panic when they find their home invaded; cultural differences cause a family feud; arguments over whether the wedding should be in Malibu or Bulgaria; Renee has a meltdown; Dean Ambrose in Vegas for the first time.

The show begins backstage at Monday Night Raw in New Orleans. Renee Young and Paige bump into each other. They compliment each other's outfits and then start dancing together. They end up apologizing to the workers around them for acting so goofy. Renee and Paige walk off to a more private setting. Renee asks Paige about her new home in San Antonio, and living with her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio. Paige says that she likes it, but she's been having a problem. Says that she is lactose intolerant and doesn't want to go to the bathroom in the new house. That it must be a sign that she really likes Alberto, because she doesn't want to "poop" while he is there. Renee and Paige then joke about Paige pretending to do house work with hammers, to cover up for the gas noises, that she may end up making while Alberto is around.

We are now in Aberdeen, Washington. Daniel Bryan is with his wife Brie Bella at a local restaurant. Brie and Bryan discuss visiting Renee Young and Dean Ambrose's new home in Vegas. Brie says that Dean has offered to make her some mixed drinks when they arrive. Bryan tells Brie that she should avoid that because she needs to create the perfect womb for a potential pregnancy. Brie says that her mom partied before she had her. Bryan jokes that it's the exactly the reason, that Brie needs to avoid partying. So that their child doesn't end up like Brie or her mom Kathy.

We are now at Lana and Rusev's home in Nashville, Tennessee. Lana's mom, dad and brother are living in the house with them. Sharon, Bob and Lana's brother Rob are all together here. Lana's mom Sharon plans on going to a bridal shop with Rusev and Lana. To help her daughter pick out a wedding dress. Before leaving the home, Lana's mom leads a group prayer. Sharon thanks the Lord and asks for blessings towards Lana and Rusev. Off screen, Lana talks about her upbringing. How she grew up as a Christian Missionary kid in the former soviet union. She talks about how her father has been a pastor for over 35 years.

We are on the road now with Rusev driving his future mother in law and fiancée in his sports car. His speeding has Sharon worried. She begins a prayer, calls out to Jesus and tells Rusev that there may be children and small animals on the road..... When they arrive to the bridal shop. Lana understands, that it is against American tradition for a groom to see their bride's dress before the wedding, but they have decided to break against that tradition. Rusev rips on American weddings and states that American's don't have real wedding traditions, that they adhere to. Lana's mom disagrees with Rusev. She talks about all the different American traditions. The problem is that Rusev is not paying attention to her. He is on his cell phone and begins stretching out his legs. Rusev tells Sharon that he loves the muscles in his legs, and may start wearing shorter shorts. Rusev brings up the fact that he may be forced to wear shorts and flip flops, because they are going to have a wedding on the beach. He is disappointed that they won't be having a Bulgarian wedding. Tells Lana that she is going to have to break the bad news to his mother.

We are now at Smackdown in Tucson, Arizona. Renee is backstage, setting up an interview segment where she introduces AJ Styles. When the intro is played back on a monitor, Renee reviews it and says that her intro of AJ came off too sexual..... The Miz and Maryse are backstage, and Maryse gets an alarming phone call from her mother. She tells Miz and Maryse that a man is trying to get into their house. Maryse gets in panic mode, tells her mom to call the police. Maryse's mom Marjolaine, says that the man is staring right at her. Both Maryse and Miz have security cameras set up with direct feeds to their cell phones. They see the man trying to break into their home in Los Angeles. Maryse's mom ends up calling the cops. The cops arrive and the home intruder runs away before the cops get there. Maryse is very distraught as Miz tries to calm her down.

Paige is now shown in the ring against Eva Marie on Smackdown. This is the pre brand split Smackdown. Paige talks about how happy, she is to finally be back in the ring wrestling. Clips are then shown of her match with Eva... Meanwhile, Lana is backstage with Rusev. They have a talk about their upcoming wedding. Rusev jokes that he will probably only get married once or twice, at most in his life. The point, He ends up making to Lana, is that his mom really wants a Bulgarian wedding. It's also what he wants as well. Off screen, Lana talks about Rusev's Bulgarian heritage and wedding traditions. Mentions that Rusev came here when he was 20 years old from Bulgaria, and is set in his ways. She also mocks Bulgarian weddings as being 3 days long and very old fashioned. Lana tells Rusev that this is her wedding and that she doesn't want Rusev's mom living vicariously through her. Rusev says that he doesn't even know what vicarious means. Lana tells him to Google it.

We are now in LA. The Miz, Maryse, Her sister and Paige have all gotten together for dinner at a restaurant. Paige asks Maryse about the intruder situation. Maryse tells her what happened, and how she is now scared. Maryse suggests getting a gun for her protection. Paige and Miz are against that idea. Miz says that the gun can be used against her by an intruder. Maryse off screen, talks about how fearful she is. Especially because The Miz will be going off to film a movie in Vancouver for a few weeks. She is worried that she will be home alone. Paige and Miz end up joking about putting wrestling holds on a potential intruder.

We are back in Nashville at Rusev & Lana's home. Rusev's mom is set to arrive. Lana talks about how she is very conservative. She says that she will not be pleased that, she has a stripper pole in their home. Lana and her dad Bob end up using the stripper pole.

Right on cue, As soon as the pastor gets off the pole. Rusev's mom Slavka arrives. Rusev and Lana greet her at the front door. Rusev speaks Bulgarian with his mother. Lana talks about how she can understand the Bulgarian language, because it is a similar Slavic language to Russian. They are all in the kitchen now. Lana talks about the party she is having and the chef, that will be cooking. Rusev's mom questions Lana why she isn't cooking everything herself. Lana says that she is too busy. Just then, a clanging sound comes from upstairs. It's from the stripper pole hitting the ground. They head upstairs and Slavka sees part of it and asks what it is. Rusev replies, That it's support for the wall. Everyone backs up Rusev and lies to his mom about it.

We are now in Las Vegas at Renee and Dean's new home. Renee talks about how her and Dean just bought a new home, but they have no friends in Vegas. So they have invited Brie and Bryan to come stay over. Brie and Bryan arrive and take a tour of the house. They are going to be spending a few days there. Brie reveals to Renee that Nikki wants to come stay as well. Renee doesn't seem to be pleased by Nikki coming over. Specifically because there isn't a room set up for her to sleep in. Renee starts scrambling to set up everything at the house. Dean Ambrose is at the bar in his home. He senses how stressed out Renee is, and wants her to curb her negativity away from his bar.

Nikki arrives before Renee can leave to pick up items for her. They greet each other. Renee runs off to the store. Nikki is greeted by her sister. Brie jokes that Nikki's nipples may be showing out of her top. Dean Ambrose says that nipples and boobs are allowed in his house.

Back to Nashville. Lana and Rusev are having a family barbeque. Rusev urges Lana to tell his mom about their wedding plans. Lana hesitates in telling Slavka that she wants to have the wedding in America. Rusev and his mom make a pitch towards having the wedding in Bulgaria. They mention the weather in Bulgaria and the many traditions. One of which includes the groom finding his bride's shoe in the house and putting money in it. Lana gently tells Slavka, that her dream has always been to have a wedding on the beach. Lana says that her wedding with Rusev will be in Malibu. Slavka's response is "No Way".

We are now in LA, at Maryse's and Mike's home. Maryse is spending the night at home by herself. Mike is off filming Marine 5. Eva Marie has come over to keep Maryse company. Maryse has a golf club with her for protection. Eva Marie goes to her "Home Alone" playbook and sets up booby traps for a potential intruder. They end up making each other laugh when they botch the booby traps. Eva is going to be spending this evening with Maryse, but suggests in the future, that Maryse get a gun. Maryse tells Eva that Mike won't allow her to get a gun. Maryse says that she has no experience whatsoever with guns. Eva sells Maryse on the idea, brings up her own experiences with owning a firearm. Eva Marie suggest that Maryse comes with her tomorrow to pick up a gun.

Back in Tennessee, Rusev and Lana are out with the family. They head to a Russian and eastern European market. While they are shopping for food. Rusev and Slavka talk to each other in Bulgarian. Rusev's mom is trying to get her son to change the wedding location to Bulgaria. Rusev says that he is working on convincing Lana. She overhears them and asks what they are talking about. Rusev says that they were talking about the feta cheese. Lana knows that Rusev is lying.

We are now in Vegas, Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Renee Young and the Bellas are all on the road together. Dean teases Renee because she thought that the movie Martian was a true story. Everyone laughs at Renee. Brie teases Nikki that she thought that Harry Potter was a true story. Nikki says that she had a good reason for that. Everyone laughs her off.... They arrive at an ATV park. Everyone seems game for it. Renee is upset at herself for forgetting that Nikki can't participate because of her neck. Nikki has to sit this one out and can't go riding. Nikki heads to the bar and asks for champagne, while the crew rides around. They end up riding in a large monster truck together.

Back at Lana and Rusev's home. Rusev sells the Bulgarian wedding idea to Lana's dad. Figuring he can get Bob to sell his daughter on the idea. Lana overhears Rusev doing this. They have an argument in their bedroom about it. Lana feels that Rusev doesn't respect her wishes and her tradition. Rusev kids around with Lana and this upsets her more, and she walks out of their bedroom.

Eva Marie and Maryse have arrived at a gun shop and firing range in LA. This is Maryse's first time handling a gun. She fires off her first shot at the range, and gets a head shot. Maryse ends up being happy with how comfortable, she becomes shooting her 9mm gun. She now says that she wants to talk to The Miz first, before getting the gun.

We are now at Dean and Renee's house. Renee is preparing a barbeque dinner for everyone. She doesn't know how to BBQ Salmon. So she tries to look it up on Pintrest. Renee is all stressed out. Everyone feels bad for her, because she is not really getting a chance to enjoy each other's company. Nikki reveals that she has gotten a hotel room to Renee. That she feels that she has been a burden on her. Renee ends up dropping a plate of food during their outdoor Barbeque. Renee is disappointed with the way, things have gone.

The next day, Renee talks with Brie about all the pressure, she has been feeling with her new home. Decorating it and being a good host. She feels bad that Nikki left. Brie sympathizes with Renee. Understands that she wants their visit to be perfect. So that they will want to come back again. Brie suggests that they go do something fun to relieve some of Renee's stress.

We are now at Monday Night Raw in Norfolk, Virginia. Eva Marie sees that Maryse has posted a photo of herself with her brand new gun. She is surprised that Maryse didn't talk to The Miz about getting one. It turns out Maryse got the 9 millimeter gun and a license without Mike's permission. Maryse says that she finally feels safe having the gun. Eva Marie and Paige tease Maryse. Tell her that Maryse will have to tell an intruder to wait while she finds her lost gun. They all laugh and Maryse chases after Paige backstage.

Back in Nashville. Rusev is having lunch with Lana and her dad Bob. Rusev asks Lana's dad for his blessing in marrying his daughter. Lana's dad is happy, even if the blessing is being asked for very late in the process. Rusev agrees to have their wedding in Malibu. He says that he doesn't want to crush Lana's dream. This makes Lana very happy.

We are now at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. The Bellas and Renee get together to have some fun. Brie says that they are getting together to have fun and get drunk. That's exactly what they end up doing. Going poolside, getting drunk and joking around.

Maryse is at home in LA. She facetimes Miz and reveals that she has bought a gun to protect herself. The Miz surprises Maryse, by telling her that he has been talking to the armor guy on the movie set. That he was planning to get her a gun anyway.

Back in Nashville, Lana announces to the family that her and Rusev will be having two weddings. One in Malibu and one in Bulgaria. Rusev's mom Slavka hugs Lana and is very happy with the news. This week's show ends on this note.

A preview airs for next week's episode. In it, Trinity is freaking out over her Marine 5 movie role. Bryan challenges Brie and Nikki to have an IQ test, to see who is the smarter Bella, and Natty's sister Jenny has an emotional breakdown.


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