December 6, 2016

Video of Charlotte and Ric Flair Segment on RAW

Charlotte appeared in tonight’s main event segment, issuing a ‘heartfelt apology’ to her father, Ric Flair, for kicking him out of her life last May. Here is what happened during the segment and below are some videos:
Charlotte says that it dawned on her last week that she made the biggest mistake in her life six months ago. She is ashamed for what she said and what she did. For those who forgot how much of a cold hearted bitch of a daughter she was, we go to the video tape.

Charlotte says when she lost her title, it was hard. The WWE means everything to her. The title means everything to her. She wants to explain while allowing the whats to continue. She says what was harder than losing the title was seeing her dad go into the ring and put her arms around Sasha Banks and raise her hand. It was like her dad was saying was the Women. Sasha was the athlete. Sasha was the women he hoped his daughter would be.

Charlotte says all she wants was her father's approval. No one knows what it is like to be Ric Flair's daughter. Is she good enough? She was in her home town and she watched her dad raise someone else's hand. Charlotte says she failed as her daughter. Charlotte says it broke her heart. Charlotte says she has not seen her father in six months and she wanted him to come here to accept her apology.

Charlotte asks for her father to come out.

Charlotte says she is sorry. Ric does not look like he believes her.Charlotte hugs her father.

Charlotte slaps her father. She calls him a son of a bitch. She tells Ric she is his daughter and flesh and blood. Who is Sasha to dedicate her win to her father.

She steps back and decks him in the face. Flair falls back into the corner. Charlotte calls Flair a son of a b---h. Charlotte yells at him for endorsing Sasha last week. Sasha runs down to the ring but Charlotte beats her down. Charlotte ties Sasha in the ropes and kicks her out of the ring. Charlotte follows and destroys Sasha, tossing her into the barrier. Referees warn Charlotte but she picks Sasha up and launches her into the ring post. Flair looks on crying as Charlotte yells about being "THE" woman. Charlotte brings Sasha back into the ring and talks more trash as fans boo her. Charlotte mocks Flair for crying. Charlotte leaves Sasha at Flair's feet and continues mocking them. She makes her exit and is all smiles as fans boo her. RAW goes off the air with Charlotte running her mouth.



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