January 25, 2017

Charlotte On Possibly Entering The WWE Royal Rumble Match, WWE Possibly Doing A Women's Rumble

ComicBook.com will be releasing a new interview with RAW Women's Champion Charlotte tomorrow. They asked her about possibly entering the WWE Royal Rumble match and she responded with the following:
"I have the Women's Championship and I think our focus should be building a stronger division, showing that we are just as big of a draw as the men, but once I'm not in the title picture anymore, I think it would be great to enter the Rumble, because at the end of the day, I can outwrestle some of them, but it would have to make storyline sense.

I hope in the future, if we have a big enough division to do it or if they ever bring RAW and Smackdown back together, I'd love for us to have an all-female Royal Rumble. I think that would be awesome."


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