January 25, 2017

Mickie James Says She's Excited to be Back in the WWE, Talks About Women's Revolution, More

Mickie James was one of the guest of tonight's WWE Talking Smack. Mickie talks about how excited she is to be back in The WWE. Shane welcomes her back. Shane asks Renee how different it felt for her to be in the ring interviewing James inside the ring rather than backstage. Renee says that it is very intimidating. Renee talks about how much respect she has for James. Mickie thanks Renee. She is glad that someone remembers how important she is. Mickie calls it a slap in the face that she has been dismissed by many of the women in the new revolution. James says that the revolution started before the new women actually showed up. Mickie says that they are not a part of the revolution, but that they are a product of one.

Shane talks about Mickie being a former 5 time champ and makes a Booker T reference. Renee asks Mickie how she felt about how the new women's wrestlers have been treated. Mickie calls it bittersweet. She says that she was initially happy for the women getting the spotlight but after awhile, She didn't like the way that her work was forgotten. She felt that all of her hard work and accomplishments were diminished by the new women in the WWE.

Shane brings up Alexa and her impact on James. Mickie says that she sees a lot of herself in Alexa. How Alexa has a ruthless side to her.

Renee asks about Mickie being back in the WWE. James says that she never wanted to go away from the WWE to begin with. She calls her departure from the company very humbling. James says that she always wanted to come back. Mickie is excited about being a part of The Royal Rumble on sunday.


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