January 25, 2017

Paige Fires Back at MTV Star for Calling WWE Women “Strippers”

Cara Maria, who is known for her role on "MTV’s The Challenge", made some remarks about female WWE Superstars on her Twitter, in which she compared them to strippers.

However, before that all went down, Cara mentioned how she wanted a job with the company. Here are the posts she sent out:

Is there a greater intro than the Undertakers? seriously? Legendary. @wwe

Legit want to be in the @wwe. Bucket list. Those other girls are nothing to write home about. I need to try out.

Is it a requirement for @wwe women to dress and act like strippers? I cant tell any of them apart. Try something new ladies 🙄

At the end of the day None of these new girls can hold a candle to LITA. @WWE
— Cara Maria (@CaraMariaMTV) January 24, 2017
Paige wasn’t too fond of her remarks and fired back with the following:


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