January 24, 2017

Photos and Videos of Mickie James' Interview Segment From Smackdown + Mickie Backstage Photo

Below is a recap of "Mickie James' Interview" from tonight's Smackdown, including photos and videos of the segment, plus a backstage photo of Mickie.
Renee Young is in the ring and she introduces Mickie James. Renee says it has been seven years since Mickie returned to a WWE ring, but why La Luchadora?

Mickie says she won her first WWE Championship when she beat WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania. She says she is a five time WWE Women's Champion and former Divas Champion.

Renee says Mickie has one of the most impressive resumes in WWE history, but Renee mentions that Mickie did not answer the question.

Mickie says she answered the question. She might have been away but she watched WWE. Becky and the women of the 'revolution' act like they were the first athletes. All of her sacrifices meant nothing. They would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for Alexa Bliss.

Renee asks Mickie to explain her alliance and asks if Alexa is part of the 'revolution'.

Mickie says that Alexa has been fighting this since day one. Alexa remembered everything about Mickie. Mickie says she has a lot of respect for Alexa because if it wasn't for Alexa, she wouldn't be here.

She says that Becky remembers to say she is the first women picked. She says the hell with the revolution, this is the first step of the Reinvention of Mickie James.

Becky Lynch's music plays and Becky attacks Mickie and punches her. Mickie escapes through the crowd and then Alexa with a forearm to Becky from the crowd. Alexa rolls Becky into the ring and Mickie with a spinning back heel kick. Alexa walks over Becky and goes up top for Twisted Bliss. Mickie tells Becky she should have learned this lesson from Alexa, always be one step ahead.



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