January 6, 2017

Rosemary Retains The Knockouts Title at TNA One Night Only

Tonight on TNA’s first live PPV of 2017, Knockouts Champion Rosemary successfully defended her title against Sienna.

Gail Kim made an appearance prior to the Knockouts title match to dismiss rumors that she was retiring from wrestling and to clarify that her absence from ring action is due to not being medically cleared by doctors.

Rosemary responded to Gail’s comments, questioning whether Gail was faking her injury in an attempt to run away from the fear of competing against her.

Once Gail headed to the back, Sienna would make her entrance, where she immediately brawled with Rosemary.

The action found its way back to the ring, where Sienna targeted Rosemary’s lower body, thrashing Rosemary’s kidney at a corner turnbuckle, connecting a Samoan Drop and a back breaker.

Rosemary slowed down Sienna with the use of rope submissions and biting Sienna’s finger when they were of close reach.

Towards the end of the match, Sienna was able to hit her Silencer finisher onto Rosemary but it wasn’t enough to put the Demon Assassin down for the three count.

Frustrated by this, Sienna shoved acting referee Earl Hebner, causing a distraction which Rosemary took advantage of by blinding Sienna with a mist and hitting The Red Wedding to retain the Knockouts title.


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