January 19, 2017

Total Divas Recap (1/18): Lana's Bachelorette Party, The Bellas Prep For The ESPY'S And More (Videos)

Here is the synopsis for tonight's show;

"Lana runs into a whole lot of chaos during her bachelorette trip; Nikki's nerves get the best of her when her family has to walk the red carpet as her boyfriend hosts the ESPYs"

This is the opening quote for this week's show by Renee Young. "Vegas is awesome. That's where it gets weird... I promise you that."

The show opens with "The Divas" arriving to The Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas for a WWE event. Renee Young, Lana and Trinity(Naomi) are backstage. Lana talks about having fun in Vegas at her bachelorette party. She suggests dancing and provides her own club music soundtrack while doing dance moves. Renee mocks the whole idea and mimics shooting herself in the head. She says that no one likes that type of scene. Naomi talks about how close she is with Lana, and how she wants her to have fun in Vegas during her bachelorette party. Lana tells the women not to tell Rusev about it because he is against bachelorette parties. Rusev thinks that women are not allowed to behave the same way that men do at those types of parties. Renee is disgusted by Rusev's feelings on the matter. Lana says that Rusev is opposed to bachelorette parties because he has had bad experiences with them in the past. Lana tells a story of how one of Rusev's friends had their future bride make out with another guy at the party.

We are now in Los Angeles with the Bella sisters. Nikki and Brie are at a local spa. Nikki talks about her boyfriend John Cena hosting The ESPY's. The Bellas are excited because their whole family will be walking the red carpet at the event.

We now head to Thursday Night Smackdown in Las Vegas. Lana is shown with Rusev spending time together backstage. Off camera, Lana talks about her relationship with Rusev. How her past relationships never lasted long. Lana says that she was screwed over by many of the men in her relationships, and that she also had the reputation of being a party girl.

The next scene takes place in Las Vegas at The Palms Casino Resort. Lana, Renee and Naomi arrive. The women check into a 10,000 square foot hardwood suite. Lana says she got the suite for her husband. The suite has a basketball court in it. Rusev is already inside the suite when the women arrive. Renee runs onto the basketball court and hits a layup. Lana got Rusev the suite so that he can spend time with his friends there, while the women party.

Rusev goes out for drinks with the women at The Blind Pig pub in Vegas. At that spot, a man is brought over to their table in a wheelchair by his wife. He wants to say hello to Rusev because he is a big fan. He even mentions Rusev's different style of ring entrances. Renee ends up asking the couple to come hang out at their bachelorette party. Trinity isn't pleased that Renee has just invited total strangers to come.

Renee ends up asking Rusev about his feelings on bachelorette parties. Renee says that she wants to bring Lana to a Thunder Down Under show that has male strippers. She asks Rusev if he doesn't like the fact that there may be strippers and that Lana will go wild. Rusev jokes that he doesn't have a problem with it, He just thinks that Lana shouldn't go. Rusev suggests that Renee take Lana to a zoo instead.

Back in LA, Brie and Nikki start talking business but Nikki is more focused on The ESPY's. Her mother Kathy and brother JJ show up. Kathy asks Nikki about how John is doing. Nikki says that Cena is very nervous and that he is going through a lot of rehearsals for the show. When JJ and Kathy start talking about the red carpet. The Bella family squabbles a bit with Nikki when they feel that she is not paying attention to them.

Back in Vegas, Renee, Naomi and Renee are getting ready to go out. Renee talks with Naomi about going to Thunder Down Under. Which is an Australian male strip-tease show. Renee and Naomi start joking about how "excited" they are. Rusev overhears Renee talking about taking Lana to "fun time". Renee doesn't reveal what she just said. Rusev seems bummed out about it. The women head downstairs to the lobby at The Palms to have some cocktails. When they arrive at the lounge in the lobby. Renee tells Lana that they are going to kidnap her and take her to Thunder Down Under. Just then, "Isaiah" shows up. Isaiah is one of Lana's ex boyfriends. He gushes over Lana and how she looks. Lana also gushes herself when seeing him. Isaiah Mustafa is an actor, best known from The Old Spice commercials. Naomi tells Isaiah that she is a huge fan. She points to Lana, and says I don't know how you know this loser. Lana and Isaiah both took acting classes together and become intimately involved. They haven't seen each other in 4 years. Renee invites Isaiah to a pool party that they will be having tomorrow. Trinity off screen thinks that it's a very bad idea for him to be around..... Book it now, Rusev eliminates The Old Spice guy at The Rumble.

Back In LA, The Bella family meets up for lunch. They end up talking about the Paparazzi. Nikki talks about her history of having bad photos taken of her in the past. She wants her family members to tell her when the paparazzi are around, so that she doesn't end up taking a bad picture.

Lana, Renee and Naomi are now getting on a party bus to go to Thunder Down Under. When they get on the bus, Lana starts pole dancing inside. She is interrupted by "Zack". A nervous looking middle aged man, who says he is normally an accountant, but he is their host tonight on The Party Bus. The women are all rightfully feeling uncomfortable. Zack shakes their hands and says that he used to wrestle when he was in high school. Lana tells Zack, that she thought he was some random guy off of the street. Zack pours the women champagne and decides to start drinking some himself. When the women start taking selfies, Zack tries to make his way into the photos. Naomi purposely crops him out of it. When Zack gets upset that he wasn't in the selfie. Naomi admits that she did it on purpose. Off camera, Naomi talks about how off Zack is, and that she is creeped out by him..... Zack continues the awkwardness by talking about Lana's thong and how he can't wait to see them again. Sufficed to say, The women are relieved when the bus ride is over.

Lana, Renee and Naomi finally arrive at Thunder Down Under. Lana is seated in the front row during the strip show. She is pulled up by one of the dancers and brought to the stage area. The male dancer then sits her down in a chair, spins her around and dances for her. The finale of the show has the male dancers take off their thongs.

On the ride back to The Palms from 'Thunder Down Under'. Lana thanks Renee and Naomi for taking her out to the show. Renee asks Lana about Isaiah. She says that she sees a connection between the two. Lana calls him a good friend from her past. Renee asks Lana how she felt when she saw him earlier for the first time in years. Lana admits that she missed having him be a part of her life. That he was a very good guy and friend. Renee then asks Lana if Isaiah being at the pool party tomorrow will be a problem for Rusev. Lana admits that Rusev may not know about him, and that she is unsure how Rusev will react if Isaiah is there. The women now arrive back at The Palms to pick up Rusev.

Rusev asks Lana where the women ended up going. Lana says that they were on a party bus that took them to Thunder Down Under. Lana tries to say that she was sabotaged and taken there against her will, but Rusev mocks Lana's suggestion of sabotage by Renee and Naomi. Rusev asks if naked men danced with Lana. She says that she wasn't into it. Renee comes to Lana's defense and Rusev calls Renee a bad influence. Rusev is not pleased with Lana, but states that he can't stop her from doing whatever she wants to do.

They now head to The LAX nightclub. Lana gets two tables for everyone. They have some drinks and Lana starts dancing. The woman that Renee invited the other night ath the pub shows up. She is already hammered, and she is with her friend Melania. She ends up sitting next to Rusev, talks about how her husband Ceasar wanted to take pictures of Rusev and her. The woman who is unnamed suggests that she would "hook up" with Rusev, and that her husband would take photos of it. Renee asks Lana what she just said to Rusev. Lana doesn't know because the music is very loud. Lana says that she just nodded and kept smiling. Renee and Rusev start laughing very hard because Lana did not hear what they just heard. The woman who goes unnamed during the show ends up getting into a fight with her friend Melania. Trinity is the only person who attempts to break up their fight. Everyone is laughing at the whole ordeal. Renee ends up telling Lana that the women were coming on to Rusev. She confronts him about it. Lana gets upset at Rusev for not telling her about the woman's advances towards him. Rusev doesn't see the big deal and calls it ridiculous. Lana's anger is misguided here as she tells Rusev that he is going to regret acting this way and making these kinds of decisions.

Back in LA, The Bella family goes through media training for the ESPY's. Nikki has actually hired and invited over a Media Trainer in Lisa Elia. Nikki is worried that the media may be able to create a headline if her brother or mother says the wrong thing during questioning. Nikki wants her brother and mother to be able to answer questions that the media may ask them. Kathy and JJ are the main targets of this training. The media trainer tests them both out. Kathy breezes through it with a short dull answer when she is questioned. JJ trips up during the training when he is asked about Nikki's relationship with John Cena. Nikki is worried that JJ will crack under pressure and become very defensive during questioning.

Naomi, Renee and Lana are now back at their suite in Vegas. They are prepping for their pool party. Lana talks to Naomi about having second thoughts of getting married. She asks her if Naomi ever had those feelings. Naomi says that she never felt that way. Lana admits that she is nervous about getting married. How she had a boyfriend that she really cared about, that cheated on her. Lana is worried about failing as a wife. Naomi tells Lana to get those thoughts out of her head. That she needs to because her wedding is fast approaching.

The pool party is taking place at Wet Republic at The MGM Grand. Lana is approached by a strange woman. The woman has a straw hat with ears on it. The woman starts acting like a cat in the pool. Naomi is weirded out by all the strange people they have met in Vegas. At poolside is Mr. Old Spice himself, Isaiah Mustafa. Lana and the women bump into him. Renee tries to get him to show his abs. Isaiah calls Renee crazy. Suggests that the women watch out for her. When Lana and Isaiah end up alone talking. He gives her some great advice about getting married. Lana admits that she is scared. Isaiah says that he has seen how happy Lana is with Rusev and that when she gets scared, that she should just run to him. They give each other a big hug at the end of the conversation. After the conversation, Lana starts crying as she approaches Naomi and Renee. They ask her what is wrong. Lana says that she is scared. She tells Renee and Naomi about the conversation, she had with Isaiah. The women try to calm Lana's fears and tell her that she has a great relationship with Rusev.

Back in LA, The Bellas are poolside. Nikki Bella is all stressed out about how she is going to look at The ESPY's. She doesn't like her hair extensions that she put in. Brie and JJ try to get Nikki to calm down and not fret over it. Nikki starts looking at pictures of herself that she didn't like on her phone. JJ grabs the phone and throws it into the pool. Nikki gets upset, grabs her phone and walks off.

Lana is with Rusev back at The Palms resort. They have a long talk about their upcoming marriage. Lana starts crying again. She says that she is scared that it won't work out. Lana tells Rusev that she doesn't want to get divorced. She fears that their marriage may fail. She goes through several scenarios of how marriages end. She says that she wouldn't be able to handle it if her marriage failed. Rusev tells Lana that if she is so scared of marriage. That they don't have to get married. That they can just live together forever. Lana asks Rusev, if he will still love her when she's not pretty. Rusev says that she will always be pretty, but that she is his best friend and that his love for Lana is not just about her looks. Rusev tells Lana that she is way over thinking this. Rusev tells Lana to not be scared. To take on fear and that whenever she has a problem, to just run to him because "Rusev fixes everything". He ends up cheering Lana up and they hug and kiss.

Renee Young has set up a special dinner for Rusev and Lana. She reveals some surprises for them that includes a magic show. The magician "Steven" comes out. He calls out the "wrestling fanatics". Two actors come out dressed in wrestling attire with masks on. The masks are blurred out. One of them looks like an El Generico mask actually. The two wrestlers grapple and then unmask. When they do, The woman is revealed to be the woman who hit on Rusev at the club. The man is revealed to be the Rusev fan in the wheelchair. "Zack" from the party bus also shows up, as well as the cat lady from the pool. It is revealed that this was all a massive rib orchestrated by Renee. She hired these actors to play these roles. Rusev calls Renee a sick person.

Back in LA and ESPY day has arrived. The Bella family is headed to the red carpet for the event. Shown walking the red carpet is Ric Flair with Charlotte, The Miz,Maryse and Summer Rae. Cena and Nikki are interviewed by Cathy Kelly. JJ and Kathy are also interviewed on the red carpet. Nikki says that she is happy with the way they handled the whole process. A brief clip is shown of Cena's opening monologue at The ESPY's. The show ends on this note.

A preview for next week's mid-season finale is shown. It features Nikki Bella getting her final cat scan to be cleared to wrestle. Renee Young introduces Dean Ambrose to her parents in Toronto. This leads to Dean getting into a fight with someone at lunch. Also featured is Lana's wedding and The WWE draft.

Thanks to Leon Milici for the recap


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