February 7, 2017

Allie Discusses Her Struggles With Depression (Video)

Talking about mental health isn’t taboo these days as it once was and several wrestlers are coming forward to raise awareness of their struggles. Now another voice is lending itself to a chorus of people aiming to end the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

Allie recently uploaded a video (see below) to her YouTube channel where she discusses her struggles with Depression. She hopes her story will help others realize they are not alone.

She reveals that after losing her father when she was a child, and then later losing a close friend to suicide, she struggled with Depression. Though she didn’t know it at the time, she was exhibiting all the classic signs. She says it’s not a weakness to get help, it’s the strongest thing anyone can do. She said it takes time to get better and to not be hard on yourself if you are struggling.


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