February 24, 2017

Asuka to Crush Goldberg's Winning Streak Record?

We previously reported that Asuka currently holds the record in NXT for the longest-reigning Women’s champion and longest-reigning singles champion in the company. She is on her way now to crush two more records.

Right now, Asuka is sitting on 149 consecutive victories and if she can make it through just 9 more matches without being pinned or submitted, she will break Goldberg’s actual winning streak in WCW of 157 - 0. If Asuka can continue her winning streak for the next 25 matches, she will break his inflated record of 173 - 0.

Asuka is also set to become the longest-reigning NXT champion of any kind (thus breaking the record co-held by Konnor and Viktor of The Ascension) if she can make it past WrestleMania weekend with the title.


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