February 18, 2017

Eva Marie Opens Up About Alcohol Abuse & Her Recovery Program

Earlier this week we shared a video from WWE Superstar Eva Marie, who discussed online hatred in a Q&A video for her official YouTube account. In the same video, the Total Divas star was asked a question about alcohol abuse, and opened up about her own recovery.
“I’m not sure if you guys know, but I myself am in a recovery program. For me, you absolutely have to carve out time for it, because you just have to remember how desperate and willing you were to get sober in the first place, and never lose that feeling. Life is crazy as it is, and right now I’m living my dream, as apposed to five years ago, things were not like this. But I have to constantly remember that, because it’s easy to forget,” … “I have an amazing sponsor – whoever follows me on social media, you’ve seen me post about her. She keeps me in check, and I talk to her weekly. It’s just like anything, you gotta want it bad enough. I referred to it like working out. How bad do you want to work out? How bad do you want to drop some weight, or get in shape, or eat healthy? You have to be not only determined, but focused. It’s the same thing with your sobriety, but this time it’s a life or death thing, and that’s a little bit scary. To really answer your question, yes, you really have to carve out the time, because that is number one importance. If you are not sober, or working a program, than you are not putting your best self forward to whoever you’re around, whether it’s business, relationships, or mother, father, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, marriage – it doesn’t matter.”


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