February 5, 2017

Is Emmalina Ever Going to Premiere on RAW?

As seen on WWE programming, the company has been running vignettes and teasers for the premiere of Emmalina for a very long time now. This first vignette (which you can see below) aired on RAW on October 3, 2016.

After more promotional videos, it was announced that Emmalina would premiere on December 12th episode of RAW, however those plans failed to materialize and WWE changed the ton of her promos. Emma began playfully thanking us for being patient, but the videos kept coming.

Into January, Emmalina had yet to appear despite WWE’s constant promotions of her upcoming return. However, there was no mention of her on RAW this week. Many want to know exactly what’s going on with her. According Dave Meltzer, WWE actually has no plans for Emma at this time.

When a fan asked Meltzer on Twitter what’s going on with Emma, he relied with the following remarks:


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