February 1, 2017

Nikki Cross Comments On Finding Her SAnitY Character, Working A Unique In-Ring Style

Nikki Cross recently spoke with ESPN.com‘s Brian Campbell; you can read a few highlights below:

Nikki Cross explains how she gets in character for her NXT on-air persona: 
“Basically I just think about stuff that would make me that angry at the world and things that make me distressed. It’s basically thinking about every bad thing that ever happened to me or a family member and you just bring it to the surface. The whole world is against you.

“This is so competitive that it’s easy for me to get into that mindset because it’s like, ‘No, this is mine.’ With SAnitY, our mindset is, ‘We’re taking it. We’re taking this industry and we are going to change this industry.’ We are going to make everyone rethink the way this industry is. That’s an easy mindset to get into because that’s the way we feel.”
Cross comments on working such a physical style with male and female wrestlers: 
“Being that physical has been the way I was trained since Day 1 in Glasgow, Scotland. Generally, my upbringing was quite rough in the East End of Glasgow, so I always had to defend myself and be ready for everything. So the type of physicality for this role is not that much of a departure. It’s fun getting to dropkick guys from the top rope. I like that.”
Cross talks about how she tries to style herself in the ring: 
“At the end of the day, there is no one else in the world like me, so my wrestling style isn’t going to be like anyone else either. Human beings aren’t the same so wrestlers aren’t the same. I’m me and there is no one else like me. I’m going to keep doing that because it’s me.”


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