February 14, 2017

Will Rosa Mendes Wrestle Again?, 'Bella Brains' Video

- As noted, Rosa Mendes took to Instagram on Monday and announced that she's retiring from WWE.

This comes after she gave birth to her first child last year and launched her Totally Fit Mama lifestyle brand. Rosa spoke to the WWE website about her career, her future and more at this link. She also commented on if she sees herself making a return to the ring in the future:
"Absolutely. Because, I'll tell you one thing, my passion for [WWE] will never go away, I will always love [it] from the bottom of my heart. It's something that I'm going to have in my heart forever. You never know, if [my daughter] Jordan wants to be a WWE Superstar … I never got the championship, but I could see her being a champion one day. I'm not going to force her, but I'll just let her watch WWE. The whole, entire family and I, we watch WWE every week and she jumps up and down [and starts dancing] whenever she hears The New Day."
- Below is episode 3 of "Bella Brains" with Daniel Bryan trying to determine the smarter Bella Twin - Nikki Bella or Brie Bella.


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