March 23, 2017

Bayley On Entering WrestleMania 33 As Champion, Idea She Had For Her Entrance, The Macho Man Elbow

Bayley recently spoke to to promote WrestleMania 33. Below are highlights:

How surreal it will be to enter Orlando with the title:
"[It will be] Weird. Real weird. My family keeps texting me saying I can't believe you're going to be ... we didn't even I'd be a part of WrestleMania when my family booked the tickets, they were just we're going to be there to support you know matter what ... and if you're on the show great and if you're not, we'll just hang out during the week. Now they're like "not only are you having a match but you're going in as champion!" It's really crazy for it to be in Orlando where it all started for me at Full Sail as a little kid with a dream."
Idea she had for her WrestleMania entrance:
"You know how Cena had all his people who were dressed like him ... wouldn't it be cool if I had people who were wearing the inflatable costumes ... because they do exist. They have come to NXT shows. If I just had a bunch of people who were dressed up as those ... You'll have to wait and see, though."
When she decided to add Randy Savage's elbow drop to her arsenal:
"The Royal Rumble is the first time I tried it. I went to the Performance Center where they had the soft ring and laid down the mannequin man and was like let me see if I can hit this guy, so I started on the second rope and did it and was like let me try from the top and I did it again and didn't want to do it anymore. I was like if it hits, great, if not, I know to not do it. When I did it I was so happy. I don't know how Shawn Michaels and Macho Man did it every night, because my hips were killing me I could barely walk the next day, but it's so fun, I can't stop doing it."


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