March 25, 2017

Bayley On Recent Snickers Commercial, Favorite WrestleMania Moment, Wrestling Nia Jax

Bayley spoke with Fox Sports before she defends her Raw Women's Championship at WrestleMania 33 against Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Nia Jax. Here are some of the highlights:

Snickers Commercial:

"I had to mess it up a few times. Dude, it was so fun. They had a script for me, and as it was going on they were like 'oh it would be cool if you did this,' or 'it would be cool if you do this!' And I would sometimes not say the right line and they'd be like 'it's cool, let's try that one!' Yeah, I had to mess up the room a few times. I threw so many cups at the assistant. We were using red cups before and they were like 'nah, those don't fly as good.' I'm actually kind of sad because at the end we had the shot of me kicking the table… and we actually shot one where I was dropping an elbow onto the couch and I was kind of hoping they'd keep that. one, but it was so much fun."

Going against Nia Jax:

"It changes everything. I'm still getting used to it. When she came to NXT I was like 'alright, this is a cool new challenge.' I've never been in the ring with somebody like her. But I'm still - it's been like two years - but I'm still learning how to actually approach her. Once you think you have one idea of how to do it… she's just way too powerful. Our match on Monday, I was honestly worried about it being a no-DQ match. My neck still hurts, and it hurts to drive and to look the other way. It's a challenge so I'm up for it. I'm building my muscle."

Favorite WrestleMania moment:

"My favorite WrestleMania moment would actually be the first WrestleMania I ever went to, and that was at WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans. I've been a fan forever, but have never been able to go to an actual WrestleMania until I started working with the company. When I saw Daniel Bryan win the world title, that was the most incredible atmosphere, especially after Undertaker just losing his streak, which was such an awkward and weird feeling in the building. To feel the feeling of the fans once Daniel Bryan wins his title - it was… I can't even explain it."


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