March 19, 2017

Bayley on When She Thought it Was Time to Move to the WWE Main Roster, Not Making Her Debut Alongside The Four Horsewomen

Bayely recently spoke with The Kingston Whig-Standard and below are some interview highlights:

Not making her WWE main roster debut with Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch:
“When Sasha, Charlotte and Becky all made their WWE debuts together, at first I was like, ‘OK, I guess should be soon,’ but I wasn’t and I became perfectly fine with it. I still think to this day that my time in NXT was the most important year of my career because I got to work with so many different levels of talent and I was able to learn on my own and not really have to depend on Sasha, Charlotte or Becky because those are the girls that I came up with and it was just so easy to click with them.

“I had to work with girls like Asuka, Nia Jax, Eva Marie, brand new girls just starting up, having their first matches, like Daria, and I learned so much myself and I was able to do that and be the women’s champion and tour all over the world and all over the country. I’m very proud of that.”
When she felt it was time to move to the main roster:
“I had just lost the women’s championship to Asuka — and (WWE) had just announced the brand new women’s title for Raw and it was freakin’ beautiful and Lita (unveiled) it, who was my childhood hero. I told myself that night, ‘Alright, I’m ready, it’s time.’ I didn’t know what I had to do to get there, but I was going to be knocking on everyone’s door and begging everybody to just give me an opportunity.”


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