March 4, 2017

Charlotte Gives NBA Mascot A Chairshot, WWE PPV Streak Infograph, Eva Marie NEM Photo Shoot

- In this video, Eva Marie does her first vlog of a photo shoot for her fashion company, NEM. Eva talks about some of her co-workers while she gets ready for the shoot, and plans to do more of these in the future. Eva has been off WWE TV since August of last year.

- WWE put out an infograph to help break down Charlotte's 16 straight PPV wins (singles matches). It includes each match's opponent, time, where it happened, and a quick summary of the match.

- Since WWE Fastlane is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this Sunday, Charlotte has been out promoting the event. One of her appearances included showing up during a Milwaukee Bucks game and giving a chairshot to one of their mascots during a race. Charlotte will challenge for Bayley's Raw Women's Championship on Sunday.


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