March 13, 2017

Eva Marie Reunites With Former Diva, Beth Phoenix Talks WWE

- The Citizen-Times recently interviewed 2017 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Beth Phoenix. During the interview, she discussed wanting to work for WWE and how her goals grew incrementally.
"With my career I knew I wanted to work for WWE. There was no other company that I wanted to work for. I took my career incrementally," she said "I wanted to get hired; that's all I wanted, was to get one paycheck from WWE. Then I wanted to have a TV match, then a match against the champion, then I wanted to be champion.

"When I retired (in October 2012), it was in the back of my mind that maybe I had accomplished enough to be recognized, but I sure wasn't certain and it didn't take away from how much I cherished my career."
- Eva Marie reunited with former WWE Diva Ariane Andrew, f.k.a. Cameron, this past weekend, as seen below:


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