March 15, 2017

Madusa On If She Feels Responsible For The WWE Women’s Movement, Vince McMahon Firing Her & More

On the latest episode of WZ Radio’s, host Nick Hausman interviewed Madusa. Here are some highlights:

NH: Do you feel directly responsible for the new women’s movement because of your choice to pull the former Women’s Championship out of the trash can at the WWE Hall of Fame?

Madusa: I think it was apropos. You know what I mean? It needed to happen. It did happen. I am not going to take credit. I will tell you that I’m the kind of woman that likes to have the last word and set a precedent. When I got let go from the WWE it wasn’t cool. Why in the frick? I understand. I totally respect that Vince was going through a lot of adversity with the steroids, the IRS scandal… all of that crap at the time. He was almost going to close the doors. It was crazy back then. So he was downsizing to keep the company. In order to keep the company he had to do a lot of downsizing. The thing that really ticked me off was I was like, “Ok, why do the girls have to go? WHY?!” I was the bread winner. I had to feed mouths. What the frick? Because I didn’t have a pair of kahunas or whatever? It pissed me off.


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