March 23, 2017

Odds of John Cena Proposing to Nikki Bella

Rumors of John Cena proposing to longtime girlfriend Nikki Bella at Wrestlemania in Orlando are so strong Paddy Power has posted odds on the possibility. Cena proposing is actually heavily favored at 2/9, which gives it an 82% chance of happening according to these odds. This means a $9 bet would yield only $2 with the proposal being very backed at this time.

These odds can be followed at Paddy Power by looking at the A-Z Menu and selecting “sports novelties”. Cena not proposing is currently sitting at 11/4 so a $4 bet would win $11. These long odds are likely driven by a number of moving parts.

For years on Total Divas and even the recent spin-off “Total Bellas”, an ongoing element is Nikki Bella want to be married and having children. Cena has been mostly against this and has made this very clear, even going to measures involving the signing of a legal document when Nikki moved in with him.

Even with these reality shows prominently featuring the romantic relationship between John and Nikki, it was not acknowledged on WWE programming like Raw and Smackdown until very recently. After the brand split, Cena and Bella both ended up on Smackdown together. Several of Nikki’s opponents used her relationship with John as material for trash talking. This eventually led to a Wrestlemania Mixed Tag Team Match with John and Nikki facing of another real life couple in The Miz and Maryse. Cena and Nikki are currently favored at 4/11 to win this match.

This is also thought to be Nikki Bella’s retirement match and it is known that John Cena will be taking more time off after Wrestlemania. A proposal for marriage would be a Wrestlemania moment that will be remembered as one of the most monumental, especially if it’s between two top box office draws.


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