April 8, 2017

AJ Lee On Leaving The WWE Women's Division In A Better Place And Being In It Today, Wrestling Fans

AJ Lee spoke with ESPN while on her book tour. Here are some of the highlights:

Influencing the WWE Women's Division for the better:
"I think I have, and I think that it's all you can ever ask for. I have a lot of friends that wrestle, and to see them happy means a lot to me; to feel like maybe I had even the smallest fraction of a part of that makes me incredibly proud. All you ever want to do is leave something better than how you found it."
Sticking around to be in the division today:
"I don't think so. I think everything happened ... I was very lucky with my career. I got to have the title a lot and be a prominent figure and always have a storyline. I felt appreciated, and I felt used a lot in a really positive way. I know that that wasn't the case for everyone that was on the roster at the time, so I think it would be ungrateful for me to in any way feel like I didn't have a perfect career. To me, it was picture-perfect, and I wrote in my book that I felt like it was wrapped up in a tidy bow. I think this is everyone else's time now. It's the evolution, and these girls are wonderful. I hope that they're happy and getting paid equally as the guys are and getting the screen time as much as the guys are. I hope that the next generation is happy."
Sharing more with wrestling fans:
"Yeah, it's really interesting because I feel like, before I made it to the television program, when I was just in training and developmental, there's always been this core group of people who just connect with me and have championed my ascent through wrestling. Then they stuck around, and that's really cool. I think that was a motivating factor to say, 'OK, these people have stuck with me through everything. Let me share more of who I am,' because I have kind of been a closed book most of the time, so this was my love letter to those that stuck around."

AJ Lee also discussed her book and how hard it was to write some of the chapters. You can read the full interview by clicking here.


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