April 6, 2017

AJ Lee Reveals Why WWE Took Her Off The Road For a Few Months in 2012

AJ Lee spoke with the New York Post to promote her new book Crazy Is My Superpower, and revealed that at one point in her WWE run the company took her off the road for a couple of months for refusing to go along with a storyline they had planned for her.

The Post noted that in 2012, Brooks was slated to "take part in a series of goofy skits in which her character hallucinated, kissed a leprechaun and danced with dinosaurs from outer space." Lee turned this idea down, because she and her mother both suffer from bipolar II disorder, and didn't find the skits to be in good taste.

"It was a joke, but, to me, it wasn't something to laugh at," Lee said.

She claimed this refusal was why WWE took her off of TV. In her new book she is very open about her battle with her illness, and she says she wants to be able to help out others who are also suffering.

"It's hard to not think you're alone in the world so it's good to connect with other people who've faced the same issues."

The article also revealed that these days she has her bipolar disorder under control due to therapy, meditation and medicine.


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