April 16, 2017

Alexa Bliss On Harley Quinn Outfit, Future Goals On WWE RAW, Women In WrestleMania Main Event

Alexa Bliss spoke to Yahoo Sports on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Her Harley Quinn outfit and being a fan of comics:
"I'm such a villain fan. I love comics, I love anything Disney – everyone knows that about me, I'm a big Disney fan – anything that's fictional, I'm a huge fan of. It all started with Iron Man in NXT. [Buddy] Murphy [Bliss's real-life fiancée] had the idea of us all three [Bliss, Murphy and Wesley Blake] dressing up as Iron Man and I thought it was such a cool concept, such a cool idea, that I just kept going with it. I have a few characters left that I haven't portrayed yet, I have a few more coming that I have the outfits for that I'm just waiting to perfect them. I did go a little non-villain at Elimination Chamber when I wore Superman, which was a lot of fun. I just like portraying characters but making it my own. The Harley Quinn thing I was really excited about. I was so bummed because when I left NXT, I thought I couldn't do the cosplay thing anymore. My last gear in NXT was Freddy Krueger because I'm such a horror movie fan, it's ridiculous, but I thought when I went to the main roster it would be a whole different ball game. I kind of ran with the Harley Quinn thing, I said I was going to try it anyway and say sorry after [if it didn't work], but it got a great response and that gave me the freedom to do more."
Future goals on Raw:
"A year from now I hope that I have been able to become Raw Women's Champion. I would love to be able to hold both titles within a year, I think that would be an awesome opportunity. I'd really like to see our women in the main event at WrestleMania. I know it's kind of considered a future thing and no one knows if it'll ever happen, but in my mind, it's going to happen and hopefully within a year. Hopefully in a year I'll be women's champion and have taken this division by storm."


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