April 22, 2017

Asuka Passes Goldberg’s Undefeated Streak, Reacts on Her New Record

NXT Women’s Champion Asuka defeated Mandy Rose at Friday’s NXT Live Event in Crystal River, Florida. This brings Asuka’s undefeated streak to 165 victories, which leaves her only eight victories away from tying Goldberg’s 173-0 undefeated streak in WCW.

However, Asuka has technically passed up Goldberg’s monstrous undefeated streak, according to a BlastingNews.com article that was tweeted out by the champ.

While the industry number-to-beat remains 173, a record she will likely surpass by next month’s NXT Takeover: Chicago event, the article correctly points out that the number was consistently inflated by WCW and later WWE. The real number of documented wins by Goldberg was 155, which Asuka passed up several weeks ago.

Asuka tweeted the following:

It will be interesting to see if WWE keeps the streak alive when she is eventually moved to the main roster.


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