April 15, 2017

Current Plans for the WWE Raw Women’s Title ** POSSIBLE SPOILERS **

Current plans for the WWE Women’s division are to be centered around Sasha Banks heading into the summer.

Bayley successfully defended her WWE Raw women’s title against Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax in a fatal four-way elimination match, however Charlotte Flair moved to Smackdown in the Superstar Shakeup in exchange for Alexa Bliss and Mickie James.

The current plan is for Sasha Banks to turn heel on Bayley over the summer and then win the Raw Women’s Championship at SummerSlam. In the meantime, Bayley is set to successfully defend her title in feuds with Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax.

As seen on WWE Raw, Emma has also made her TV return to the brand, and she is currently scheduled to begin a feud with Sasha Banks which might also involve Dana Brooke.


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