April 2, 2017

Emma On Where She'll Be For WrestleMania 33 Tonight, Her Character Changes, Zack Ryder's Status

Emma was interviewed by Youtube personality Myles at the NXT Performance Center as part of WrestleMania 33 weekend.

She said the Performance Center is the perfect place to hone your skills, and practice your ring introduction and character. She said it's been an interesting year for herself in terms of her character.

Myles asked her to walk fans through where she's at now. Emma said she's in a good position. She's sitting back and watching the competition. She said her return is right around the corner. Myles asked where she'll be at for WrestleMania, and she said she'll be backstage watching the show. There's a lot of things she wants to see at the event.

Myles asked if she had any plans on Monday Night. She was coy and said Raw is Monday night. She said she's been at the Performance Center a bit lately, and claimed she has never had a bad day at work because this is what she has wanted to do her whole life.

Myles asked about her boyfriend Zack Ryder. She says he's injured as well, but is also not too far away from returning. She said he's always been passionate about all of his online shows and that she's very happy for him.


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