April 6, 2017

Gail Kim Talks New Impact Ownership, Where She Has Been, Her Future With The Company

Former WWE Superstar and current Impact Wrestling star Gail Kim was interviewed by Hannibal TV this past weekend.

You can watch the video below, here are some of the highlights:

Where she's been and if we'll see her back with Impact:

"I have been injured. We didn't really explain it on television, I've just been extra cautious coming back but I will be back soon."

How she feels about the new ownership at Impact:

"I'm really happy. I've seen this company go through so many ups and downs. I have to say when Jeff was in charge the last time I felt that was the best years of TNA. I'm really looking forward to being under his regime again because he just really cares, and when you have people that are that passionate there's really - the only thing can be positivity. For the talent, for the office, for the people in the environment. I'm really excited."


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