April 6, 2017

Lana Addresses Rumors of Backstage Heat for Announcing Her Engagement, Provides an Update on Rusev’s Injury Status

WWE star Lana joined Busted Open yesterday to promote last night’s premiere of Total Divas.

Lana mentioned that Rusev’s shoulder surgery went well and he has just started to be able to work out again. She said his timetable is about “2 to 3…2 to 4 months something like that.” She also commented on if she received any “backstage heat” when she announced her engagement to Rusev on social media while she was involved in the storyline with Dolph Ziggler:
“I feel…that…They just ended up changing the story so it wasn’t necessarily like heat, it was more like…a little bit disappointing because we worked really hard for this story and I was really excited about returning and having a payoff of the return and the tag match…and so when they decided…when Vince decided to go a different way with it he wanted to actually tell the story of us being engaged and telling our wedding story. It was like “Ok, he’s the director!” I’m thankful for my opportunities and I’m thankful that I can tell stories for him for a living. So I was just like “Ok, we’re changing gears! Gotta make the most of it! Gotta be thankful I can do what I love for a living.”…So that’s what it was more like…it was more like that…it was more like woah, we’ve been planning this for so long and now it’s like complete change of gears. But you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.”


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