April 9, 2017

Lana On Possibly Going To SmackDown With 'Superstar Shakeup', Funny Rusev Story, Wanting WWE Gold

Lana spoke with TV Insider about a number of topics about wrestling and Total Divas. Here are some of the highlights:

Funny story about her husband, Rusev:
"Rusev told me a funny story where he was in a mall, and a whole bunch of these girls went up to him with their moms saying, 'Are you Lana's husband?' He goes, 'I am.' That had never happened to him before. They didn't even know his name, just that he was Lana's husband. So that was kind of cool. WWE empowers men, but WWE and Total Divas is also empowering women. It's a tremendous opportunity."
Fans seeing Rusev and Lana in a different light on Total Divas:
"People say it all the time that they love him on the show. Then you see me in a different light. Yes, I am this Russian villain on Monday Night Raw, but I'm Russian-American. My parents are American. I think like an American and sort of Russian at the same time. This is what we do for a living—we are story tellers; we are athletes; we are entertainers. So I'm honored to show people all of this, as well as my husband."
The upcoming Superstar Shakeup and going after the title:
"You see how I react to it. It's hard for me to say because I love Raw and the people I work with. I think SmackDown Live is an incredible show. I think the way they have built the characters has been great. They utilize everyone and have put all the women into compelling stories. It would be an honor to go to SmackDown, too. I'm working hard because one of these days I will go for a championship."
Lana also discussed more about Total Divas and her dream matches. You can read the full interview by clicking here.


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