April 5, 2017

Maryse Comments On Spending So Much Time With The Miz

The Miz and Maryse spoke to E! Online to promote the rest of the current season of Total Divas, which resumes tonight.

They reveal that an upcoming episode will see them finally take a honeymoon for their 2014 wedding, which Miz interrupted with a fantasy football tournament. Another episode will see The Miz take Maryse to a prom he organized because she got dumped two hours before her high school prom.

Maryse commented on if the couple ever needs solo time apart with all the work-related traveling and filming they do together. She said:
"We complement each other really, really well, and I know that we're together all the time, and this might sound kind of cliché, but that's the truth. I was away from my husband for many years when I wasn't with WWE, and that was the hardest thing. Now that I'm back, we get to travel together, go to all the different cities, different countries, perform together. Everything we do is basically together. We're best friends. We work well together."


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