April 14, 2017

Natalya On Being Bullied As A Kid, Lana Hypes Her Debut, Carmella

- Natalya recently spoke with People Now and talked about how she was bullied over her voice when she was younger.

She said:
"Even when I was a little kid, I always had this raspy voice. I remember being in elementary school and people would always make fun of my voice and just be like, 'What's wrong with your voice?'

"It's funny, nowadays I'll be going through customs at an airport and people are like, 'You're Nattie! I recognize your voice. I love your voice!' People all the time recognize my voice. I'm like, 'I love my voice!'"

"It's very symbolic of all those things that maybe I was teased about, they're what make me great today. And I love being different, I love being strong. I really learned to embrace myself in so many good ways."
- Lana tweeted the following on her upcoming WWE SmackDown debut:

- Below is this week's WWE Network Pick of the Week video with Carmella promoting her WWE Ride Along episode with Alexa Bliss.


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