April 6, 2017

Nikki Bella Talks Why She Is Taking Time Off Of WWE, If She Has Wrestled Her Last Match

In an interview with E! News, Nikki Bella discussed ongoing issues with her neck. She also sounded unsure as to whether this injury will ever allow her to wrestle again.

"Recently I had to get MRIs and CT scans and we realized that I have a slight herniation above where I had surgery, which isn't good, which means I have to take time off and I have to heal. And hopefully when that heals, if it does, I can get back in the ring," Nikki said.

She also said that when she returned from her previous injury she knew she would "never get to be a full-time wrestler." However, Nikki also said she hopes when Brie's daughter grows up she can once again team up with her sister in a WWE ring.

She also revealed she was extra emotional at WrestleMania, because she'd soon have to break the news of her hiatus to her fans. She again discussed the possibility that she may have already wrestled her last match, as well as her recent engagement to John Cena.

"That's why it meant so much to me being proposed to in that ring," Nikki said. "That's John and I's home. It's where we've met. It's where we've grown up. It's our life, and that's our family there. So I just hope that I can one day make it back into that ring."


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