April 13, 2017

Total Divas Recap (4/12): Brie Back On The Road With Bryan, Renee & Dean's Vacation,Naomi, Maryse & Eva

So the show starts off with Maryse and Eva Marie backstage at a WWE show. The Miz is doing reshoots for his latest Marine movie in Vancouver. Maryse misses her husband and wants to give him a special gift when he returns. Maryse suggests something sexy like a bikini photo shoot. Eva suggests doing the photo shoot with Maryse. So that she can also give it to her husband Jonathan as a gift.... A bunch of the production crew workers are walking by and Eva decides to ask them, what they would like to get from their girlfriends if they haven't seen them for awhile. The guys all give pretty tame suggestions, like a home cooked meal. One of them says he'd like a fifth of crown royale and a foot rub....... If Eva Marie was married to one of these guys. I doubt that they would want only those specific mundane things.....

The next scene takes place at Smackdown Live in Ohio.... Brie Bella is arriving backstage. She talks about her husband's new role in the WWE as the Smackdown Live GM. This is "pre pregnancy" Brie Bella. She actually makes a comment about being on the road with Daniel. How it may help them get her pregnant quicker... Trinity aka Naomi, is backstage and she wants to meet up with WWE VP of Talent Relations, Mark Carrano. Naomi pitches an idea to Mark for a new ring entrance. She pitches the glowing aspect and dance routine. Naomi wants to work it out with the production people and test it out. Carrano seems receptive to the idea but suggests that there are a lot of hurdles, that they need to get through first, before they can push forward. So he shelves the idea for now, which doesn't make Naomi happy.....

Back to Brie. She finally gets to see her husband. Daniel Bryan tells her that he was just in a meeting with The Road Dog and The Miz about an upcoming Talking Smack segment. Brie and Bryan go off to the side to talk. Brie feels uncomfortable not being a talent anymore and being backstage now. Bryan tries to lighten up her mood by suggesting that Brie come watch him work out. So Bryan takes her to ringside where he jumps rope in the arena, while Brie sits on and watches.

Dean Ambrose and Renee Young have rented a home in Lake Tahoe, California. They have decided to have a quick romantic vacation. Renee has been looking forward to it for a long time. Dean, Renee and their dog all get comfortable in their new surroundings.... Meanwhile, Maryse and Eva Marie are shopping together in another part of California. Off screen, Eva Marie talks about all the issues that she has had in the past with the rest of the women in the company. Eva says that she feels very comfortable with Maryse, and that they get along really well. Arguably the best part of this week's show takes place when Eva Marie and Maryse go shopping and try on a lot of different bikini's, in preparation for their photo shoot.

After leaving the shop, Eva Marie comes up with a concept for their upcoming bikini photo shoot. She suggests a Baywatch type theme. Maryse loves the idea and they continue shopping on the boulevard.

We are backstage at a WWE Live Event in Anaheim, Ca. Natalya bumps into Naomi and Jon (Jimmy Uso) backstage. Naomi tells Jimmy about the heat that Nattie got for calling Naomi "the dark horse" in the women's division. Nattie explains that she was asked to pick a woman other than herself, and she suggested that Naomi was the dark horse to come out of the division and win the women's title. All three get a laugh about this, and Jimmy jokingly calls Natalya "Racist Nattie"...... Naomi then tells Natalya that she has gotten the greenlight from the creative team, to go ahead and test out her glow concept entrance. Naomi is nervous about the upcoming rehearsals and the attire that she has to wear. Natalya tells Naomi that it is a huge honor that she is being selected, to have an entrance where the lights are turned out in the arena. How only a few select main event talents get that type of entrance. Natalya advises Naomi to make sure that her entrance looks great, the first time out. Nattie tells Naomi that she isn't a main eventer right now, and that her entrance can make a big difference.

Back to Maryse and Eva Marie in Beverly Hills. They are heading to a skin clinic for a "body wrap". As part of their preparation for their bikini photo shoot. Before they get their bodies wrapped. Their skin is prepped by being rubbed down by needle like instruments. Eva Marie screams out in pain during this treatment. She has Maryse laughing hysterically. The women are then wrapped up in plastic and set on beds with heat lighting over them, deigned for them for them to sweat and tone up their bodies.

Back in Tahoe with Dean and Renee... Renee gets on the phone with Nikki Bella. Nikki ends up giving Renee advice on how to have some accidental sex with Dean. Nikki suggests that Renee wear "little comfy shorts" around Dean. Renee says that she is going ahead and put that plan into action. Renee has plans to cook a nice dinner and wear something nice for Dean. When she heads to the living room. Dean didn't get the memo. He's already ordered a pizza and has a bunch of beers lined up on the dining room table. Renee is upset that Dean has ordered take out because she had dinner plans. Dean suggests that they go out to dinner tomorrow instead.

We are now at Trinity(Naomi) and Jimmy's home in Pensacola, Florida. Naomi has received her new glow gear from the WWE's seamstress. She has her husband turn out the lights in the bedroom. She then runs to get the gear on, and she makes a test run entrance in the bedroom. Jon records the entrance on his cell phone. After watching it together, Naomi is disappointed and feels that there are some things that need to be tweaked.

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are in a hotel room together in Ohio. Brie misses a conference call with her sister. She barely pays attention to Bryan and says that she is going to go use the hotel's conference room to make the call...... Moments later, Nikki Bella is shown in LA trying to get in touch with her sister for a conference call with their agents. Nikki has to cancel the call with the agents, when she is unable to reach Brie. After several attempts, Nikki finally gets in touch with Brie. Nikki gives her sister a hard time for missing the call. She then tells her that she shouldn't be on the road with Bryan again, and that she always puts him first.

Eva Marie has arrived to Maryse's home, to get together on the day of their bikini photo shoot. Maryse and Eva Marie get off on the wrong foot, when Maryse decides to bring a lot of extra gear with her. It's also revealed that Maryse has gotten a discount rate for the photo shoot..... Back to Dean and Renee. On the car ride to go get Dean a suit for Renee's planned dinner. Dean tells Renee that she lied, when she said that she was low maintenance. Renee had told Dean, that she was the type of chick that liked to hang out and drink beers. Dean thinks that Renee is hanging out with the Bellas too much...... Dean and Renee arrive at the store. The saleswoman agrees with Renee that Dean needs to be cleaned up. Dean struggles through the whole process of being outfitted by Renee and the saleswoman. After they finally pick out some things for him. Renee and Dean sit down to have a talk about the upcoming dinner. Dean pretends to fall asleep while Renee is talking.

Maryse and Eva Marie have arrived for their photoshoot in Malibu. Eva has called her makeup artists for some help. When they arrive, They are not down with helping Maryse with all of her heavy gear and props out of the car..... Maryse decides to leave the majority of her gear in the car. Later on, Eva and Maryse are in their Baywatch gear. They meet up with the photographer and videographer.. Maryse is upset with the location and is in a bad mood. She starts bossing everyone around. Maryse and Eva then run down the beach during the shoot. Maryse stops and says that she is hungry and that she doesn't have the energy right now. That it's a result of her 5 day master cleanse to get ready for the shoot. Eva and Maryse start arguing. Eva threatens to leave. Maryse stops her. They air out their issues and go eat. They then return and finish the bikini shoot. Maryse apologizes to the crew for being a "b*tch". Eva jokes that sometimes you need to "slap a b*tch" to get her in line.

Back in Tahoe, Renee and Dean are getting dressed for their night out. Dean's in his new suit and tie. Dean hates his look. Renee tries to comb Dean's hair and he refuses. Dean says that he doesn't do combs. That his hair is a wild mustang.... Later on, Dean and Renee show up at an Italian restaurant. Dean tries to play the part but does it in an annoying Italian accent. Dean tries to order whiskey but they don't have it. He ends up drinking wine. Dean and Renee have dinner. Renee senses how unhappy and uncomfortable, Dean is. In order to make Dean happy, Renee ends up taking him to a local dive bar later on. They end up talking about their ideas of what romance should be. Dean says that romance can take place anywhere, and he cites The Lady and The Tramp as an example. Renee ends up agreeing with Dean. When Dean asks which one of them is the Tramp. Renee says that the tramp is a hobo, and Dean says "Oh ok, Well I am definitely the hobo".

At a Smackdown Live Event in Tampa..... Naomi is set to debut her new in-ring entrance. Mark Carrano walks up to Naomi backstage. They discuss her new entrance and her career thus far. Naomi off screen, talks about how she has floundered in the WWE in several different on-air groups like The Funkadactyls. How she realy feels that her new presentation could lead to her taking the next step in the WWE. Naomi meets up with Natalya later on. Naomi is struggling. She is very scared and nervous about performing her entrance. Natalya gives Naomi words of encouragement. Naomi is now shown later in her gear. She tests it out backstage and then makes her entrance in an empty arena. Several of the Smackdown Live stars are in the ring while this is going on. The likes of Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, Natalya, Carmella and Fit Finlay are in the ring. Baron Corbin can also be seen inside the ring, but for some reason, His face is blurred out.... Naomi makes her grand entrance and is told to do a re-take. Naomi runs through the sequence with full effects and music again. "Trinity" is asked to do it a third time. Naomi is happy with the way it went, even though she hasn't received word about it yet. The video of this rehearsal can be seen below:

In another part of Tampa, The Bella sisters are together at Nikki's house. The sisters argue about Brie and her retirement. How Brie retired to be a mom but is not pregnant yet. An outdated issue at this point and another Bella themed crisis blown way out of proportion.... Later on, The Bellas are shown meeting up for a photo shoot in San Diego. Brie reveals off camera, that her and Bryan had a talk, and that she doesn't have to be with him on the road. Bryan has encouraged her to spend time working on her business projects.

The show closes at Smackdown Live in Buffalo, New York. Naomi's entrance debuts on the show. It goes over well with the crowd and everyone backstage. Natalya congratulates Naomi when she gets to the back after her match.

A preview is shown for next week's show. In it, We see Eva Marie's "wardrobe malfunction" on Smackdown Live. Maryse accidentally sends a photo to more than just her husband, The Miz. It looks like Dolph Ziggler may have received a suggestive photo from Maryse. Lana and Renee Young get into a verbal fight. Lana calls Renee a "MF'N B*tch". Paige is shown crying in a parking lot, after receiving news of her wellness suspension. Part of that preview can be seen in the video below.


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