April 11, 2017

WWE Still Not Covering Paige And Alberto Del Rio, Total Divas Teaser

- Below is another teaser for the current season of Total Divas with Nikki Bella's comeback, Lana's party-pooping, Paige's suspension and more.

- We noted a few months back that WWE was not making any mention of Paige and Alberto Del Rio in their coverage of the sixth season of Total Divas. The season resumed last week and WWE continues to snub the couple on their official website and social media. The Total Divas photo and video galleries have no shots of Paige or Del Rio and the official WWE website recap does not mention their storyline. The only material where you will find a mention of Paige and Del Rio is from the E! network. As noted, word going around at Monday's RAW is that officials are still expecting Paige to return to the ring from neck surgery this summer.


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