June 15, 2017

Indie Wrestler Priscilla Kelly Talks Using Sexuality For Her Gimmick, Comparisons To Paige

Priscilla Kelly, a 21-year-old independent wrestler currently working for SHINE Wrestling and Full Impact Pro, recently did an interview with Wrestle:List (full audio is below). In it, she talked about her sexual gimmick and comparisons to WWE star Paige.

"Originally I wanted to be the Gypsy Princess but it ended up turning into more of an evil succubus," Kelly said. "Right now I am very dark and sexual so my character and gimmick has evolved in the last two years a lot."

Kelly's gimmick is known for pushing boundaries and it has put more of a spotlight on her. She explained how her upbringing played a part in her gimmick.

"I mean I'm pretty well known for doing some specific things in the ring such as grinding, biting, licking and even kissing," Kelly told Wrestle:List. "I came in to this business and everyone just looked at me as a little girl, I was also raised really strict, I guess I wanted to break out of that. I wanted to be open with myself and it slowly became what it is. In the back of my head it's also a way to show equality, I know it sounds crazy. One of my catchphrases is 'I like girls and boys' and I think its a way to show off equality, that you can be open with your body and your sexuality."

With jet black hair and naturally fair skin, Priscilla has drawn comparisons to Paige. She explained, however, it's not on purpose.

"I get some much stuff about looking like Paige," Priscilla commented. "My hair has been black since I was 13 and I've never looked back. I can't dye it any other color as its expensive and my hair would probably fall out as it's black (Laughing). I tried tanning heavy early on and I it was a pain having to tan every week, it was destroying my skin. I finally taught myself to be comfortable in the skin I was born with. I'm just myself. You have one or two traits in common with someone who works for the WWE and you're always going to be compared to them."

Sometimes billed as "Hell's Favorite Harlet," Kelly made her professional wrestling debut in 2015. She burst onto the scene with Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment, where she is a one-time APW Ladies Champion. She's from Douglasville, Georgia and recently competed in a tag team match with Lindsay Snow against Dynamite DiDi and Aria Blake at FIP Accelerate 2017. Kelly and Snow went under in the bout.

You can read more from Priscilla Kelly interview with Wrestle:List by clicking this link.


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