June 7, 2017

Lana Says She Will be The First Ravishing Women's Champion Ever, Comments on Her Title Shot (Video)

After Shane McMahon questions whether Lana deserves the SmackDown Women's Title Match at WWE Money in the Bank, The Ravishing Russian promises to prove her doubters wrong.

Lana says she's very excited and happy for the opportunity and tells Naomi be careful what you wish for, she is going to snatch Naomi bald and snatch her title. She talks about making history by debuting and winning the title at the same time. Renee asks about what preparations Lana has done to keep up with Naomi's athleticism. Lana admits she is a little nervous about Naomi's talents, but she has been training and has brought in the best coaches to help with that. She says she'll bring things to new heights and that Naomi has not faced someone like her yet. Renee asks about if Lana will bring her devious tactics into the match like tonight, when she tripped Naomi during tonight's match. Shane reiterates that Lana doesn't deserve the title shot, but it's because Naomi asked for the match. Lana says Shane is naive and this is the land of opportunity, she has come from a small pathetic town and has made it this far despite the doubters. Lana proclaims she will be the first ravishing Women's Champion ever and bring it to new heights and is excited for both Shane and Renee for when this happens.

Lana also tweeted the following on her match against SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi at the June 18th WWE Money In the Bank pay-per-view:


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