June 18, 2017

Maria Kanellis Returns to WWE at Money in the Bank (Photos, Video)

Rumors we’re buzzing for months and they were confirmed tonight as Maria Kanellis and her husband, Mike debuted with WWE tonight at the Money in The Bank pay per view introducing themselves at the Kanellis’.

Maria took a mic and she says for those who don't know who she is, she is Maria Kanellis. Mike introduces himself as Mike Kanellis. Maria says you're not seeing things. The first lady is back in WWE!

Maria says she's been searching for the perfect partner, and Mike says she found him! Maria says they're here to educate everyone on Smackdown Live! about the power of love. Maria and Mike snuggle and dance at the top of the ramp in a romantic display before gently kissing and walking to the back.

Below are video and photos of the segment:


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