June 19, 2017

Naomi on Her Match With Lana and Ms. MITB, Becky Lynch Reacts on James Ellsworth/Carmella Situation (Videos)

- WWE Money In the Bank saw Lana make her SmackDown pay-per-view in-ring debut in a losing effort to SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi.

In the Fallout video below, Dasha Fuentes talks to Naomi and asks if she was surprised by the fight Lana brought. Naomi says she was not surprised because anything can happen in a title match. Naomi says she never wrestled Lana one-on-one before Sunday but she always prepares for the best and the worst, and Lana is ravishing. Naomi say she brought the glow just like she said she would and retained her title.

Regarding Miss Money In the Bank Carmella, Naomi says she's always been looking over her should since winning the title. She always has a target on her back but this does amp it up some. Naomi jokes that maybe James Ellsworth should be getting the match against her because he won MITB for Carmella. Naomi ends it by saying she'll take on Carmella or Ellsworth because the champ is here to stay.

- In the video below, a disappointed Becky Lynch says they were making history until Ellsworth got involved. Becky says the finish seems like a metaphor for people getting handed things around here as Carmella was handed the win.

Becky isn't sure about where she takes it from here because no matter how hard she trains or how good she is in the ring, there will be an opponent with someone else on their side - whether it's someone in a luchador mask or a fool in a money sweatsuit. Becky wonders if she needs to start bringing someone with her to the matches.


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