June 24, 2017

Rosemary On Feud Against The Hardys, Not Having Decay By Her Side, Ric Flair's Talent

Impact Knockouts Champion Rosemary spoke with Mirror on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Feud against The Hardys and Rebecca Hardy:
"It was completely different but something I definitely got excited about, because it was so different and we were pushing boundaries and trying new things. That in itself was a challenge and I like to believe I perform best under pressure. One of the greatest pressures is doing something that is perhaps unfamiliar territory, because people naturally gravitate towards what is familiar. If something is unfamiliar, and we saw this with the resistance to the Broken Universe at first, people were kind of unsure how to take it, because it was different, and it's not in our nature to immediately accept something different and scary, it's 'better the devil you know'. So, to be part of that, it was either going to sink or swim, and to make it succeed, it had to be full commitment from everyone involved. Something I have believed, from the moment I started doing this darker gimmick, which was just before I got signed by IMPACT, in order for a character like that to succeed, you have to be fully committed to it. If there is a glimmer of doubt, a glimmer of a lack of self-confidence in your own performance, it will show. As soon as I walk out of that curtain, there is nothing left in front of the camera that isn't fully Demon Assassin, that isn't Rosemary. There is never a part of me that is like 'I don't know about this'. There is never any self-doubt."
Not holding back, no matter the scenario:
"No matter what you're given, even if on paper it looks ridiculous and you think 'oh my God, this is never going to work, everyone is going to s*** all over this', you know what, you have to try. No matter what Ric Flair was given, he made it his and he made it amazing and good TV. A perfect example if you remember the mental institution scene in WCW when he was committed, it's not a great storyline, but Ric Flair made that scene amazing and memorable. He threw everything into it, over the top as his character always was, and he made it work. It could have been a disaster, but it was 'oh my God, Ric Flair is amazing'. That was something I wanted to bring into Rosemary in my own way, in my own application of the process. Throwing myself in and making anything I was given into my own and the best I could possibly do with it, even if I didn't particularly like part of it, if I committed to it and made it my own, it was going to work."
Dealing with the changes in ownership and talent:
"I've been through several changes, several new bosses over a short period of time, and to me again it factors into the pressure situation where I impressed perhaps the last regime, but now there are new owners, so it's time to step up, 'Put your big boy pants on', impress these new owners and prove to them that I am in the position I am for a reason and they should keep me there. With Jade leaving and Steve leaving, all that meant was it was going to be a new story, a new angle to knock out of the park. I was nervous not to have Steve with me and Abyss out at ringside with me after the dissolution of Decay, because I was so used to us being a unit and a trio, but it's a new challenge for me and for Rosemary. I knew as much as I missed having Steve around me, I wasn't worried about myself because from a storytelling point of view, whatever I'm given, I'm going to give it all. Now we're seeing a new side of Rosemary and character development we haven't explored yet. As a storyteller this is so exciting."
Roseymary also discussed more about the Knockouts division. You can read the fully interview by clicking here.


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