July 10, 2017

Audio of Paige and El Patron Domestic Battery Incident Released, Alberto Claims Paige Assaulted Him

As seen in the video below, TMZ obtained audio of Alberto El Patron's incident with Paige at the Orlando International Airport this past weekend.

The audio starts off with Alberto telling someone, possibly Paige, to "call the cops."

"Call the cops," Alberto said. "Let's do it. Get the cops."

Paige is heard crying and yelling, "Just stay out of my life. Leave me the f-ck alone. I'm trying to get away from you!"

There was a witness present who was recording the argument who recognized them while they were arguing. Alberto can be heard saying that he's pressing charges against Paige. Alberto told the witness to call the police and said that Paige assaulted him and needs to be arrested. He added that they got in a fight at a restaurant as the recording ends.

As noted, police are investigating the incident as a domestic violence issue. Paige had posted the tweet below earlier today saying that the incident occurred when a female fan threw a drink at Alberto after he refused to take a picture with her:

WE got the cops involved. I'm crying cuz I found out bad fam news & a lady tries take a pic. She gets angry throws a drink on @PrideOfMexico
— PAIGE (@RealPaigeWWE) July 10, 2017


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