July 7, 2017

Clarification on Velvet Sky Announcing Wrestling Retirement

Yesterday, we noted that Velvet Sky was retiring from pro wrestling as she looked to focus on going to college. Today, Velvet took to Twitter to clarify that she is retired from in-ring action, but not from pro wrestling as a whole, as she would still do appearances or conventions.

She wrote:

"Retired" was not the correct word to have been used in the article from yesterday. Please read my true & current status below.

In response to others, she also said she never used "retired" in the interview, that came from the interviewer:
I never used the word "retired." The headline of the interview I recently did was very misleading in saying I was retired from the industry.

Because the original interview was cut up & only certain parts were aired but I never use the word retired. That came from the interviewer.
— ?Velvet Sky? (@VelVelHoller) July 7, 2017


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