July 7, 2017

Former WWE Writer Talks About Divas Revolution, Bella Brains (Video), Lana Mows Lawn In A Speedo

- Below is the Fourth of July edition of Bella Brains. Both Nikki and Brie got which day the US declared their independence, but neither knew the year on their first try.

Also, Nikki Bella thought the US declared their independence from the Soviet Union, the South, and then Canada.

- On the website, Birth. Movies. Death., an article was written about GLOW's impact on women's wrestling. Former WWE Writer, Nico Gendron, spoke about her time with the WWE in 2015 and how they lagged behind when it came to women's wrestling storylines:
"I was hired at WWE in the summer of 2015, right after they introduced 'The Divas Revolution.' In a male-dominated writers room, a female perspective was needed as WWE's women wrestlers were expected to rise above their traditional role of full-time arm candy and part-time wrestler to share consistent (though limited) air time with their male, Superstar counterparts. I learned quickly that this wrestling dynasty hadn't caught up to the main cultural dialogue around feminism and female empowerment that was electric outside WWE. With a great deal of ground to cover, I realized I would have to embrace the little victories, like storylines that do not hinge on a disagreement over a male love interest, avoiding dialogue where male Superstars reduce female wrestlers by telling them to shut up or by positioning them as getting in the way of their own success."
- On her Instagram, Lana posted a photo of Rusev - wearing a speedo and flip flops - after mowing their lawn. In the caption, she wrote:
"Cheers ?? to a normal day with my husband @rusevig mowing the lawn in his speedos ?? hopefully the Nashville neighbors don't mind the Bulgarian Brute & all his handsomeness ????????????"


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