July 21, 2017

GFW Executive Team Talks Storylines (Video), Rosemary Hypes Title Shot

- The GFW Executive Team appears in the latest episode of #InsideOut, as seen above.

Regarding her new feud with GFW Knockouts Champion Sienna, Karen Jarrett says she's going to do what she does best and put Sienna back in line. Karen says you don't talk to her the way Sienna did and you don't put your hands on her because when she's pushed, she pushes back.

- Next week's GFW Impact episode will feature Rosemary vs. GFW Knockouts Champion Sienna in a Last Knockout Standing match. In the video below, Rosemary calls Sienna a she-skunk and says she may have learned to watch out for the mist but this match will be anything goes and Sienna won't be able to watch for other weapons coming her way.


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