July 4, 2017

Kurt Angle Wants Asuka on RAW, Ember Moon on How she’s Changed After Recent Injury

- Ember Moon recently returned to NXT after suffering a shoulder injury a few months ago. In a recent interview with WWE she explains how she’s changed since then.
“I had a grade-one AC joint tear or, in layman terms, a separated shoulder. The first two weeks after the injury, I was mostly only allowed to rest. Resting was the hardest part because I’m used to being in the game. I’m used to being at the WWE Performance Center six hours a day, training and working on getting better. After two weeks, I was able to get more aggressive with electrotherapy and light weight-training. I would start with two pounds and then bump up to five pounds, then 10 pounds, etc. It got to a point that instead of training six hours of day, I was doing therapy for six hours a day.”

“Two months ago, Ember Moon thought she was invincible. I thought I could take the world by storm with no consequences. When I lost to Asuka, I began a downward spiral, which culminated with my injury. When you lose the ability to do what you love, it makes you rethink some life decisions, and I realized I needed to make some changes. Today I realize I’m not invincible, but I’m also in a much better mindset because I am truly ready for anything, and I train to make sure that’s the case.”
- Kurt Angle recently sat down for an interview with Mundo Deportivo promoting all things WWE 2k18 related. The current RAW General Manager was asked who he would like from NXT to be called up to the RAW roster and he picked current NXT Women’s Champion, Asuka saying:

“Oh gosh, I really like that Asuka girl. I’m telling you, the girls have really come on strong. Watching her, I know she’s gonna make a huge impact when she comes up, and I really hope we get her on RAW.”.

As noted, Asuka recently wrestled on WWE Live Events while the company toured Asia.


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