July 11, 2017

Natalya On Tyson Kidd Celebrating In San Antonio

Tyson Kidd, who is returning to Total Divas after recently starting with WWE as a producer, is celebrating his 37th birthday today.

Kidd is backstage working tonight's SmackDown from San Antonio, which is where he suffered the neck injury that put him out of action two years ago, during a RAW dark match against Samoa Joe. Wife Natalya wrote the following on Kidd celebrating his birthday in San Antonio:
Who would have thought that TJ would be celebrating his birthday in San Antonio of all places, where he last wrestled. Such a strange coincidence but it's great to be back in San Antonio and I couldn't be more proud of TJ for being so strong through whatever life throws at him. TJ's example constantly reminds me that nothing can stop us from living life how we want to live it! (And that's a whole lot of stubbornness, too!) xoxoxox #HappyBirthdayTysonKidd


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